Why You Should Never Forget These 'Fuller House' Season 2 Moments

The time has come to return to the Tanner abode, but if you're feeling a little fuzzy about where things left off with D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy, you've come to the right place. If you don't have time for a marathon before the Season 3 premiere on Friday, here's the only Fuller House Season 2 recap you'll need. From the season-ending engagement shocker to Jesse and Becky's decision to adopt a daughter, Fuller House packed its last batch of episodes with major developments and new romances.

As Uncle Jesse would say, have mercy, because even the most devoted fan is going to forget a few details — like Max's extended farming arc. Season 2 was all about new beginnings (and holidays — so many holidays). Stephanie got serious with a Gibbler, Kimmy and D.J. discovered that high school reunions are kind of the worst, and Joey Gladstone's family was revealed. Of course, this was all in addition to the ongoing saga that is the Steve-D.J.-Matt triangle, which got way more complicated with the addition of C.J., and, briefly, Matt's exercised-obsessed girlfriend, Crystal.

In order to sort out all of the holiday celebrations and triangle twists, let's break down Fuller House Season 2 by character, so you'll be ready to catch up with your favorite Tanner — or honorary Tanner — in time for Season 3.


At the start of Season 2, D.J. was ready to choose between Matt and Steve, but while she was deciding which guy she wanted to be with they both started dating other people. How rude! While Steve's romance with C.J. blossomed, Matt quickly broke up with his athletic girlfriend Crystal when he bonded with D.J. while the two were doing surgery on the Fuller family dog, Cosmo.

Thus began Matt and D.J.'s relationship, which involved lots of cuteness and Matt taking care of the entire house after they got food poisoning from donuts that Joey brought over. It wasn't all about romance for Deej though. She also found time to attend her high school reunion with Kimmy, where she reunited with her exes Nelson and Viper. Plus, she hosted a massive Thanksgiving dinner for the entire family, minus Michelle, and she met the New Kids on the Block on her 39th birthday.

In the season finale, D.J. ended up helping Steve propose to C.J., and revealed to Kimmy and Stephanie that she was going to choose Steve before he announced that he was dating C.J. That left a huge question mark on her relationship with Matt, even though she didn't admit it.


For Stephanie, Season 2 was all about learning how to be part of a couple. In the very first episode, she falls for Kimmy's younger brother, Jimmy. Once the shock of having feelings for a Gibbler wore off, Stephanie slowly began to embrace her new romance. She and Jimmy did all kinds of fun couple's stuff like working as zombies at a haunted house, having their cheesy love song go viral, and spending the holidays together.

When Jimmy told Steph that he loved her and he wanted them to have kids in the future, Stephanie revealed her infertility issues to her boyfriend. Awesome guy that he is, Jimmy supported Stephanie and told her that if they decide they want a family someday, they'll figure it out when the time comes. For now they're content with simply be the cutest couple on the show (sorry, Kimmy and Fernando).

Srephanie also reunited with Gia and got the Girl Talk band back together, and made some progress in her music career, thanks in large part to her song for Jimmy becoming an internet hit.

Kimmy & Fernando

Kimmy and Fernando's adventures in cohabitation without remarriage were a highlight of Season 2. Plot-wise, not much happened, but these two are adorable together. Whether they were dressing up as Lucy and Ricky on Halloween, being total dance parents during Ramona's big audition for a prestigious dance school, or embracing their quirkiness at Kimmy's high school reunion they were the picture of a happy couple.

Individually, Kimmy got the chance to co-host Wake Up, USA with Danny when Becky got stuck in a fake TV jail cell, and Fernando proved he's a true member of the family when he helped Max replant his garden.

The Kids

The next generation kids definitely felt more like a family in Season 2. Ramona and Jackson, in particular, spent plenty of time bonding. The tweens ventured out to a haunted house together, Jackson stood up for Ramona when his friend Popko released an embarrassing video of her online, and Ramona was supportive of Jackson dating her friend, Lola. They even babysat a tarantula together.

It was a big year for young love, as Ramona got her first kiss and heartbreak from the aforementioned Popko, and Jackson and Lola got as serious as tweens get. Even Max found young romance with C.J.'s daughter, Rose.

The kids had other things on their minds besides dating though. Lola was accepted into her dream dance school, Max started a sustainable backyard farm, Jackson proved his big brother chops multiple times by being there for Max, and Tommy... got his first haircut. Hey, the kid is just learning to walk.

Danny, Joey, Uncle Jesse, & Rebecca

The most important development that happened in the lives of the original trio was Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky adopting a little girl they named Pamela, after Jesse's sister. Fingers crossed that Season 3 features lots of baby Pamela, because her season finale debut was so not enough.

As for Danny and Joey, they were mostly there for support, but Danny did manage to squeeze in a weird mid-life crisis, while Joey's wife and trouble-making kids crashed Thanksgiving.

Consider yourself ready for Fuller House Season 3 — may your future be full of more Girl Talk reunions and all the catchphrases your heart desires.