Robby & Amanda Could End Up Like Another Beloved 'Bachelor In Paradise' Couple

Paul Hebert/ABC

Not everyone falls in love at first sight on Bachelor in Paradise. Last season, fans watched as Evan Bass court Carly Waddell, who wasn't really feeling it at first (but eventually fell in love and married him this year). Fast forward to Season 4: Robby Hayes and Amanda Stanton might last after Bachelor in Paradise if they can have a courtship like Carly and Evan, in which they give themselves some time to fall in love. But if the spark doesn't surfaces for Amanda, Robby definitely should leave Amanda alone to explore other opportunities in Mexico.

In retrospect, Robby seems to know it, too. During Monday night's episode, Robby tweeted: "I guess I need to ask [Evan] and [Carly] for some advice on changing the love-tides, huh?" He's referring to his on-screen attempts to win Amanda's heart, which included putting glow sticks in a hot tub during BiP game night. When Robby went in for a kiss, she turned him down. Ouch. Later in the episode, Robby and Amanda shared their first kiss — and they both seemed to enjoy it. While this pairing seems really great on the surface, they may need to give each other some time and get to know each other first. Then, they can go their separate ways if romantic feelings don't arise. If Carly and Evan taught us anything last season, it's that love takes time — even in the realm of Bachelor in Paradise.

Time on the show does move very quickly, though. Season 4 filmed for about 10 to 14 days, and that's a relatively short period to find a soulmate. The rose ceremonies and the possibility of elimination add to the rush and pressure to find love on national television. But even with that kind of heightened atmosphere, it's OK to let feelings develop at their own pace. Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 filmed for about four weeks, in which Carly and Evan surprised fans by falling in love and getting engaged despite a rocky start.

To refresh your memory, Carly wasn't that into Evan at first. She hated their first kiss. She broke up with him. Evan, however, continued to pursue Carly, but in a respectful manner. Carly went on a few more dates with Evan (which included a sweat lodge and a hospital visit), but he never forced her to do so. Eventually, they fell in love and the rest is Bachelor in Paradise history.

Fans also know that not every Bachelor in Paradise couple is Evan and Carly or Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert, who also got married after they fell in love on the show. Last season, two other couples got engaged on Bachelor in Paradise — including Amanda and Josh Murray — but only Evan and Carly made it to the altar. Lace Morris and Grant Kemp broke up last year, and Josh and Amanda also ended their engagement.

This is Amanda's second time on Bachelor in Paradise, while it's Robby's first season. That means she's coming to this season with the experience of one Paradise engagement behind her. In Season 4, she is likely more familiar with the process — and now knows what she wants from it.

So, Robby and Amanda should give it some time. But if Amanda ultimately feels that she can't reciprocate Robby's feelings, then he'll need to move on.