Robyn's 'Honey' Is Her First Album In 8 Years & Fans On Twitter Are VERY Excited About It

Robyn is here — or perhaps, more accurately, Robyn is back. The Swedish singer of melancholy club jams released her first album in eight years on Friday with Honey. At only 40 minutes, the album might be shorter than desired. But that hasn't stopped Twitter reactions to Robyn's Honey from being overly positive. The people of the internet are pumped that Robyn has inspired them to dance on their own again through her '90s-feeling songs.

Robyn has been known to American audience since she released "Show Me Love" more than two decades ago in 1997. So as the aesthetic of the '90s experiences a resurgence, it's fitting that Robyn is adding to those pre-millennium vibes with Honey. Fans already had a preview of the sound of the album. Robyn released "Missing U" over the summer and the title track "Honey" had been heard during the final season of Girls in 2017. And like that song says, Robyn has got the Honey that the world craves with her new album.

Even though Honey only contains nine songs, fans are happy to take what they can get after Robyn's eight-year hiatus. So before you embark on your dance-filled listening journey, here's what Twitter has to say about Robyn's latest offering.

You Owe Robyn A Gift

jaykisokay on Twitter

When a musician delivers a pop present, you need to show your appreciation.

'Honey' Is Almost Too Good

rrrlng on Twitter

Didn't Robyn ever stop to think that maybe Honey was too good to be released onto the world? We are not worthy.

It's Dreamy

jeauxsephjohn on Twitter

With all that synth, revel in the ways Robyn can enchant you.

Time Traveling Back To the Mid-90s

hyl_ian on Twitter

No, you did not travel back in time to 1997. It just may feel that spooky way with new Robyn and Netflix's Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina dropping today.

This Can't Be Real Life

homoqenic on Twitter

Robyn's return is overwhelmingly surreal for some.

Celebs Are Loving It Too

andymientus on Twitter

Broadway star Andy Mientus of Smash and The Flash already gave his approval.

"Robyn Is All"

daveholmes on Twitter

Former MTV VJ Dave Holmes, who himself gained fame in the '90s, is living for Honey as well.

Her Transitions Are On Point

absoluut on Twitter

Fans have been really feeling the transition between the fourth and fifth tracks, "Baby Forgive Me" and "Send To Robin Immediately."

Dance It Up

sexio_ on Twitter

Robyn will have you tearing up the dance floor all over again whether you're alone or with friends.

It's Required Listening

interface7 on Twitter

Don't go to work this Friday until you've given your full attention to Robyn.

"Five Out Of Five Honey Pots"

ryanjohnbutcher on Twitter

Honey pots are overflowing with praise.

'Honey' Will Give You Life

theonlydetox on Twitter

Detox, who appeared on Ru Paul's Drag Race, also gave the album her blessing, saying it was literally a requirement for "doing life."

Robyn Is The Only Good In This World

nifmuhammad on Twitter

Writer Hanif Abdurraqib wished a good morning to only Robyn on Friday. As should we all.

When's Part Two?

popjustice on Twitter

Robyn released Body Talk in parts, so people are already hoping that there's a Honey Part 2 in the works. Especially after she told Entertainment Weekly that she wasn't able to finish three or four songs. "Most of the time I finish what I start," she told EW. "But there are three or four songs I didn't have time to finish for the album, but hopefully I'll get to soon."

Here's hoping "soon" means before the next eight years are up. But, whether Robyn releases more Honey-tastic music within the year or she takes another big break, these reactions prove that Robyn can still churn out the sticky, sweet goods that will have you telling your boss, "BRB, gotta go listen to Honey on repeat."