The One Outfit That's In Every Royal Family Member's Suitcase Will Seriously Creep You Out

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All eyes are on the royal family at all times, which means that have to be ready for any sartorial situation. According to The Independent, the royal family must have a black outfit in their suitcase when traveling outside the country. This isn't just your typical trendy styled back-up though. The reason the family has to have all-black at all-times is a bit more morbid than that, but it makes perfect sense.

People are constantly dying to see what the royal family will wear out. From the adorable items that the children wear to the stunning style of Kate Middleton, it's always exciting to see. It turns out that there's always one outfit that you can expect — an all-black ensemble. According to The Independent, each member of the royal family needs to have an outfit ready for mourning when they leave the country, just in case one of the royal family members passes away.

In the case of a death, the royal family must arrive back in England in black to reflect the somber mood of the country. Having an all-black look available at all times makes it easy to slip on if need be. Sort of like your emergency I-need-to-run-through-the-airport shoes, but a little more grim.

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As Refinery29 mentions, you might recall the episode of The Crown when the Queen has to wait on the plane for an outfit after arriving in England after her father's death. This black-outfit rule saves time and allows the royal family to be ready at all times. Even the children have to dress in the color, according to The Sun.

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A mourning outfit isn't just about the clothing, either. According to, the ensemble includes gloves, a hat, and shoes in the colors of black or gray. The website says that the men are to wear striped gray trousers with a black jacket as well as a top hat. That's a whole lot of extra baggage to carry.

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You pack an extra bikini on your vacation, the royal family packs an all-black outfit. Tomato, tomahto.