Ryan Reynolds Baked Blake Lively A Valentine's Day Treat That Might Make You Cringe

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Thank goodness for social media, because without it, fans wouldn't be privy to what their favorite celebrities gifted their significant others for Valentine's Day — the good, bad, and the delicious. Speaking of, Ryan Reynolds' Valentine's Day gift to Blake Lively may have not been fit for human consumption, but it sure did make for an adorably hilarious snapshot for his Instagram followers.

The couple appears to have kept things pretty low-key over the holiday, with Reynolds trying his hand at baking for Lively. He doesn't exactly have the best track record with the culinary art, however, as the Christmas cookies he baked didn't look the least bit appealing, but his heart seems to be in the right place. Sweating over the stove for the woman he loves would've earned the actor some brownie points if it weren't for this one secret and totally odd ingredient.

Accented with a heart made of perfectly sliced strawberries, Reynolds' cake for Lively looks delicious, but don't succumb to your watering taste buds just yet. It's iced with glue. Yes, glue. According to the Deadpool star, he's "not a scientist," and since baking obviously isn't really his strong suit, trying to get the cake toppings to stick without the adhesive would've seemingly been impossible.

You have to admit, though, the cake could've been a hit if it weren't for that mini faux pas, and those in the comments section totally agree. Fans couldn't help but accompany their laughing emojis with words of encouragement for the actor, such as, "well it's the thought that counts," and "but it looks delicious." After all, he's totally decked out with an oven mitt, and the look on his face shows that the husband and father really did try to get the dessert right this time around.

Lively doesn't seem to be too disturb by her husband's lack of cooking skills, however. The actor didn't respond to Reynolds' post publicly, but history shows that she's pretty forgiven when it comes to 41-year-old botching up the kitchen treats. When sharing Reynolds' holiday cookie results with her own Instagram followers in December, she wrote, "@vancityreynolds made some Christmas cookies... 😳... He’s verrry handsome though."

As you may have already guessed, this isn't the first time Reynolds or Lively have poked fun at one another on the social platform. The famous couple doesn't hesitate when it comes trolling one another, and sharing the hilarity with fans makes them that much cooler. And when holidays roll around, you can always expect for the couple to turn up the jokes a notch.

Father's Day in 2015 was among one of those festive times where Lively decided to use her wit to shower Reynolds with words of amusement. In her sweet, yet comical post, the actor made it clear just how much the new father, at the time, meant to her. Complimenting a picture of Reynolds carrying their newborn daughter James on his chest, Lively wrote, "Since the day our baby was born, I've felt so strongly in my heart that you were most likely the father," and just in case fans couldn't catch the joke, the actor added a slew of playful emojis and the hashtag "#ILoveYouSoMuchItsSilly."

In spite of Reynolds' latest kitchen fail, Lively seems to be living her best life on the holiday, literally. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants star shared a photo of her festive outfit on Instagram on Feb. 14, with an adorable and outfit-coordinating cookie included.

"If I’m this obnoxious at 30, you can only imagine how EXTRA I was on “spirit day” at school," she appropriately captioned the holiday post. And honestly, "EXTRA" never looked better.

There's no telling where the actor wore her red and white attire to, but here's to hoping she had a chance to react to her husband's Elmer's Glue creation firsthand.