Scott Disick & Sofia Richie Aren't Rushing To Get Engaged For An Understandable Reason

Presley Ann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Are wedding bells approaching for a member of the extended Kardashian-Jenner clan? Eh ... probably not. Not yet, at least. After all, they've only been together for two years, and that's not really *that* long when you think about it. So, regardless of any rumors you might have heard, Scott Disick hasn't proposed to Sofia Richie yet, as Us Weekly reported, and he won't be popping the question any time soon for a totally understandable reason.

Earlier this summer, some fans were seemingly shaken to their cores after a source told Us Weekly that Disick and Richie "have talked seriously about getting engaged." Obviously, that would be a pretty big step for the couple, who first made their relationship Instagram official in September 2017.

Now, though, another source for the outlet is saying otherwise. "Scott feels like, 'Why change something if it is working?'" the insider revealed of his and Richie's relationship. "And Sofia is still, obviously, very young."

Yeah, that's definitely something to keep in mind when it comes to rumors about Richie and Disick getting hitched. Seeing as how Richie has grown up around adults in the entertainment industry her entire life, it's probably safe to assume that she's a lot more mature than most people her age. That being said, she's only 20 years old — that's like, the equivalent of a junior in college.

The source for Us Weekly said an engagement isn't totally out of the question in the future, though, and that it's definitely been a topic of conversation. "[Marriage is] still talked about between Scott and Sofia and between the other members of the Kardashian family," they told the outlet.

That could mean a lot of things, right? That could mean that they've like, discussed whether or not they each want to get married at all, or maybe Richie has an ideal age for when she'll be ready to tie the knot, or perhaps it's just been one of those things where one of the Kardashians has been like, "Do you think Scott and Sofia will ever get married?"

Even if they never decide to get married, though, Richie and Disick have already created a great little family unit. Richie has seemingly become pretty close with Disick's ex (and the mother of their three children: Mason, 9; Penelope, 7; and Reign, 4), Kourtney Kardashian — so much so that they've all gone on trips together. It's pretty cute and totally admirable, honestly. Hashtag "modern family."

As for what Kourtney thinks about Richie and Disick getting married one day, it seems like she's totally cool with the idea. According to a source for Us Weekly, Kardashian is "unbothered by the idea of them getting engaged," and "they’d have her full support." The insider also added that "Sofia is really so good with his kids and she has a good friendship and relationship with Kourtney." Well, there you have it.

There's really no need for them to rush to the altar — especially considering how busy they both are with their careers. Maybe one day they'll decide to make things official, but for now, they appear to be happy with the way things are going.