Scott Patterson Hated This 'Gilmore Girls' Plot & He Sounds Just Like Luke Danes IRL

Luke Danes is a man of few words, but his portrayer is more than happy to speak up for his flannel-wearing character. In a new interview with Us Weekly, Scott Patterson revealed his least favorite Gilmore Girls plot, and it's one that Luke himself seemed to have a hard time swallowing. Remember in the revival when Lorelai thought Luke might want a baby, so she took him to Paris' fertility clinic? Well, that's one reunion moment it sounds like Patterson would rather forget.

As far as Patterson is concerned, the moment didn't make sense for Luke and Lorelai. He told Us Weekly that while he still believes Luke wants a child with Lorelai, he doesn't see Luke being comfortable with the surrogacy route. Of course, he's right, because the diner owner was deeply uncomfortable during his time at the clinic, and he later made it clear he only went there in the first place for Lorelai. While Patterson clearly isn't a fan of this part of the storyline, his reaction to it matches Luke's so perfectly that it ultimately stands as a reminder of just how connected to the character he is.

Patterson told Us Weekly,

"In my mind it's just a foregone conclusion that we are going to have a child but not like that. Those were tough days for me on set. I didn't settle into that part of the story very well. I know that guy very well and I know how he feels. Just the fact that he hung around for so long and the way he feels the way he does about her. I mean, of course he wants to have a child with her."

The actor went on to say that he understands that the scene was meant to be a humorous one for the show, and that he respects the writing, but for him the fertility clinic detour simply didn't feel like a necessary part of Luke and Lorelai's revival story. Of course, that's not to knock the surrogacy route — everyone has a different path, and should choose whatever option works for them. This just wasn't what Patterson saw for Luke.

In a twist that's very much life imitating art, Patterson's feelings and Luke's appear to be exactly the same. But then again, the fertility clinic scene was never really about Luke; it was about Lorelai feeling her way toward the future she wanted. At the time, she thought Luke may have been regretting never having the opportunity to raise a child right from the start, but ultimately, taking Luke to the clinic was just one more step toward her realizing that she was ready to marry her longtime boyfriend. Even though the scene left both Patterson and Luke a little uncomfortable it was an important part of Lorelai's story, and the baby question is one the couple needed to discuss.

Still, Patterson's protectiveness of his character is endearing. He only wants the best for Luke, and it sounds like he's not afraid to sit down and have a conversation when he feels the character's motives don't make sense. That's one of the reasons why it's not so simple for Patterson to say he would automatically return for a second revival, no matter how much fun he had on the first the one.

In his interview, the actor had this to say about the prospect of returning for another revival:

"I was asked this recently and the knee jerk response was, 'Yes, absolutely. I would sign on.' But with further reflection — and I have a lot of trust when it comes to the writing — but I would really need to see the script first. Because you just never know. I would need a script first at this point to sign on. It's really a 75 percent yes at this point, but there's that 25 percent that needs to read a script and see how I feel about it. It would have to be of the quality that we are all used to and I'm sure they will produce something of that quality because they are terrific writers."

That still sounds an awful lot like a yes, but no matter what the future holds in terms of a second return to Stars Hollow, Gilmore Girls (series creator: Amy Sherman-Palladino) fans should be happy to know that no one has Luke's back more than Patterson.