Selena Gomez's Birthday Video To Taylor Swift Will Give Fans So Many Feels

Jason Merritt/TERM/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Taylor Swift's Reputation may be all about how the public's perception of the singer is less than positive these days, but that definitely didn't stop one of her closest pals from showing her some love. Believe it or not, Selena Gomez's birthday message to Taylor Swift is everything that friendship should be. And just one look at the sweet Instagram post will make even the toughest Swift critic feel warm and fuzzy inside.

On Dec. 13, Gomez shared a video of herself and Swift playfully smiling into the camera. She wrote an oh-so sweet note to her friend:

"I’m glad you were born. You write all the thoughts some aren’t able to articulate. (ME!) Thank you for giving a voice to this world that is authentic and inspiring. I wish some knew how big your heart actually is.. it’s fierce, bold and freaking wild with light. I’m glad you protect that. Love you @taylorswift"

And with that, Gomez ultimately declared just how much she cherishes the newly 28-year-old, even though Swift's "reputation" has been less than adored during recent years.

It's no secret that 2016 was a rough year for Swift. The country singer's beef with musicians Kanye West, Katy Perry, and Calvin Harris appeared to reach an all-time low. And mixed with a ton of public scrutiny, the drama has been attributed to pushing Swift under the radar before her 2017 LP was released. Lucky for fans, Swift's trying time inspired the streaming record-smashing hit, "Look What You Made Me Do," as well as seemingly her entire Reputation album. However, it's clear that throughout Swift's time away, she had some pretty awesome people in her corner who were still able to see the good in her. And Gomez's sweet dedication solidifies that.

With tracks like "End Game," "King Of My Heart," and "Call It What You Want," it's clear that Swift was speaking to a certain love interest in her latest album. At first listen, fans seemingly recognized that the album's theme hinted at potential support she received from her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, but not exactly a pack of female friends.

It's all speculation, however. Swift has yet to confirm or deny whether or not the Reputation tracks were written with Alwyn in mind. But seeing as the "Call It What You Want" lyrics, such as "my baby's fit like a daydream," just scream, "I have a British man on my arm," it's safe to bet that a lot of other references throughout the project can be linked to Alwyn, too. While having the support of a boyfriend is awesome, nothing beats having a pack of girlfriends to help pull you through a tough time. And Gomez seems to have been another cheerleader on Swift's side, too.

That's not to say that Swift critics need to bury the hatchet and start caping for the singer again, just yet. It's just nice to see that, in the midst of the chaos, Swift wasn't exactly alone. Everyone is bound to make a mistake at least once in their lifetime, and through the redemptive phase, having a team of loved ones to support you is crucial. It's been said that when going through the toughest times, you learn just who your true friends are. And it seems as though Swift has a true one in Gomez.

In Swift's case, no matter how big or small the misstep was perceived, and no matter how much she suspected her reputation to be ruined as a result, one thing's for sure: She has a gaggle of ride-or-dies to reach out to in need, including Alwyn and Gomez. And seriously, what more could a girl ask for?

Here's to hoping that Swift and Gomez's friendship will help inspire more true and supportive ones alike. The world could use more of them.