Sharleen’s Wedding Is The 'Bachelor' Nation Reunion You Didn't Know You Needed

by Sophy Ziss
Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

News about The Bachelor keeps on coming, and this time, there's no room for debate. Former Bachelor contestant Sharleen Joynt got married over the weekend, according to E! News, and some of your favorite faces from the ABC franchise were there to celebrate right along with her. No, really — the wedding, in which Sharleen married longtime love Andy Levine, looks like a picturesque Who's Who of Bachelor and Bachelorette faves. Stunning, secretive, and Instagrammable, the celebration was also the reunion fans didn't know they needed. And no — newly crowned Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. was not there.

Sharleen's wedding took place on Friday in Manhattan's Battery Park, as reported by Us Weekly. Meanwhile, E! confirmed that attendees included Andi Dorfman, Becca Tilley, Caila Quinn, Kelly Travis, and even Nick Viall; all of Bachelor Nation may as well have had a spot on the list. In a year with a controversy-ridden Bachelor in Paradise season and hotly contested Bachelor rejects — seriously, how did the producers pass on Peter Kraus and Eric Bigger for Arie? — a happy reunion at a wedding feels like just what the doctor ordered.

While Levine may not be a reality star, he's got the looks and charm to win over any member of Bachelor Nation. He is tall, he can rock salt-and-pepper stubble, and he has a silly sense of humor. (Plus, he has to be pretty confident to let a guy like Nick get so close at the wedding.) It may be tough to figure out exactly what this guy does for a living, or how he and Sharleen even met, but some details don't have to be shared with the whole world.

For the casual Bachelor fan, who might not remember every season there is, Sharleen gained fame as a contestant on Season 18. She left before giving herself a chance to find love with then-Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis, but it's obvious that she made the right choice. Fortunately, and as is the case with many alums of Bachelor Nation, she found love another way. And given her now-husband's frustratingly low profile — has a silver fox ever been harder to look up online? — it really looks like the two will be happily ever after off-camera.

On the long list of Bachelors and Bachelorette stars of years past, who else was present to celebrate the couple? None other than former Bachelor Chris Soules. An unfortunate car crash in his home state of Iowa thrust Chris back into the news in early 2017, though E!'s sources reported he was in good spirits throughout the wedding. An insider claimed, "Chris was seated next to Andi and Nick in the middle of the crowd. They were all very friendly with one another and laughed a lot throughout the ceremony." Aww!

Hearing that everyone — Andi, Nick, Chris, and the rest of the crew — came together during a tumultuous year is so heartwarming. People say reality TV is all fake, but no one could fake something like this. C'mon, it's too cute.

As the saying goes: You can take the contestant out of the Bachelor, but you can never take the Bachelor Nation out of the contestant. All the best to Mr. and Mrs. Andy Levine, and here's to many more Bachelor Nation Instagrams in the future. Just, next time, with an extra invite for the rest of us.