Disney’s Online Store Is Having A HUGE New Year’s Sale — Here Are 16 Homegoods You Can Get


You know how the saying goes: New year, new you, new home décor. Wait — that’s not how it goes? Well, today, at least, it is: Disney’s online store, shopDisney is having a huge New Year’s sale for 2019 right now. Called the Twice Upon A Year sale, the offerings include oodles of Disney-themed homegoods and housewares — and although I already have approximately 20 thingamabobs in my collection, I am currently channeling a certain little mermaid: I want more.

The Twice Upon A Year sale runs — you guessed it — twice each year: Once in the spring, and again right at the end of the year. The first installment of the 2018 sales kicked up back in May, while the second one began at the very end of December — and is still going on now. The current Twice Upon A Year sale features deals of up to 60 percent off on tons of items across shopDisney — but honestly, I’m less interested in, say, the toys and apparel than I am in the many, many homegoods included in the sale. Disney journals! Disney wineglasses! Disney lamps! If you’ve been working on giving your space a 2019, beginning-of-the-year refresh, now is the perfect time to snap up a few goodies to add some pizzazz to your living room… or kitchen… or office… or, really, any area of your home.

What’s more, you can also get free shipping sitewide on Jan. 1 only by entering the code “FREESHIP” at checkout. That’s pretty rad. Who doesn’t dig free shipping?

Here are a few highlights in the homegoods arena (and by “highlights,” I mean, “things I desperately want”):

1. Hulk Oven Mitts

2. Disney VHS Case Journals

A Goofy Movie “VHS Case” Journal

Designed to look like old-school Disney clamshell VHS cases, these journals will definitely hit all your nostalgia buttons. The one shown here takes its cues from A Goofy Movie, but other options are available as well, including Beauty and the Beast and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

3. Beauty And The Beast Drinking Glasses

4. The Little Mermaid iPhone Wristlet

5. Captain America Shield Cake Pan Set

6. Minnie Mouse Stemless Wine Glass

7. Disney Princess Journal Set

8. Mickey Mouse Wooden Magnet Set

9. Stormtrooper Toaster

Stormtrooper Toaster

As if the idea of a toaster shaped like a Stormtrooper’s helmet wasn't awesome enough already, it gets even better when you actually USE the thing: It emblazons your toast with the Galactic Empire’s logo. Now that's dedication.

10. Minnie Mouse Lamp

Minnie Mouse Beaded Accent Lamp By Ethan Allen

This lamp is a bit on the pricey side (it IS Ethan Allen, after all), but if you’re a Disney fan that likes their Disneyana classy and subtle and you've got some money to burn, it might be just what your living room is missing.

11. Lion King Trinket Dishes

12. Mike Wazowski Mug

13. Star Wars Stationery Set

Star Wars Stationery Set

If your droid’s secret holographic video functions are malfunctioning, get your message across the old-fashioned way. This set includes two stamps, an ink pad, paper clips, push bins, binder clips, decorative tape, and sticky notes, all themed after the epic adventures that once occurred a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

14. Mickey Mouse Hurricane

Mickey Mouse Etched Hurricane By Ethan Allen

Handblown in Portugal, this glass hurricane is perfect for displaying candles, flowers, and more. It’s available in two sizes, both of which are on sale; the smaller one, usually $99, is $59, while the bigger one, usually $119, is currently $69.

15. Cinderella Stemless Wine Glass

16. The Haunted Mansion Dish Towel Set

The Haunted Mansion Dish Towel Set

If your kitchen is home to 999 happy haunts, they’ll probably appreciate this set of two gothic-style dish towels. Madame Leota, at least, will ADORE them.

Head on over to shopDisney for more deals. Happy new year — and happy shopping!

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