Sin Rostro Came THIS CLOSE To Ruining 'Jane The Virgin' For Everyone, Again

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Spoilers ahead for Jane the Virgin Season 5, Episode 17. After years of threatening Jane and her loved ones, Sin Rostro is finally killed in "Chapter 98." Rose dies on Jane the Virgin when Luisa pushes her from the roof of the This Is Mars premiere party. Sin Rostro's death mirrors what happened to Roman Zazo (well, Aaron Zazo) all the way back in "Chapter 2." But more importantly, Luisa's actions make her a hero and permanently stop Rose from torturing Jane and Rafael right ahead of their big wedding day.

Following her foiled prison escape in the previous episode, Rose goes to Jane and Rafael's house. She is looking for Rafael since he was the one who landed her in jail, but Jane becomes Rose's unwitting victim again as she's the one who arrives home first. Even Rose admits that Jane is always in her crosshairs due to unfortunate circumstances and coincidences.

"You poor little thing. Always in the wrong place at the wrong time, aren't you?" Rose taunts her. But for Rose, holding Jane hostage is just as effective (if not more so) than taking Rafael hostage. Since, to protect her family and Luisa's loved ones, Jane does exactly what Sin Rostro says and orders Luisa to come back to Miami to meet up with Rose.

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Rose is a diagnosed sociopath and a convicted murderer, but she is usually very composed as she goes about her evil deeds. Yet, in "Chapter 98," she is unhinged due to her love Luisa betraying her. She can't process that Luisa doesn't love her anymore and because of her personal feelings, she puts her criminal operation at risk. Thankfully, the typically flighty Luisa pulls through yet again after working with the police to set up Rose and shows up to the premiere party with a plan of her own.

Rose still believes that she and Luisa have "the greatest love story ever told." But Luisa now values herself and her family over any sweeping romance with Rose. She pretends to take a cyanide pill and gives Rose one last kiss. While Rose is distracted about the Tic Tac fake-out, Luisa pushes her down the stairwell from the roof. The main villain of Jane the Virgin meets her fate by being impaled by the tail of the golden statue of Rogelio's This Is Mars character (good thing Ro practiced with it to ensure it stayed in the show) — just like Rose's lackey Roman had pushed his twin brother Aaron to his death onto the marlin ice sculpture at the Marbella in Season 1.

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Rose has killed her victims in many ways — plunging a corkscrew in the bell boy Tom's throat, drowning Emilio in cement, shooting Nadine, just to name a few. But pushing people from heights is a telenovela trope that Jane the Virgin has featured multiple times with Petra's mom Magda also pushing Alba down the stairs (as "Chapter 97" so kindly reminded viewers). Even impaling has become a theme with Aaron and Roman dying that way. To make sure there was no doubt that Rose truly died, Jane the Virgin tops off her death with her body being set aflame. And even though she just killed the woman who seemed like the love of her life, Luisa appears shockingly OK by the end of the episode now that she's reunited with Rafael and doesn't have Rose manipulating her anymore.

Of course, there's always the chance that this was another Rose impersonator since she has used that strategy multiple times before — even faking her own death in Season 2. But Jane, Rafael, Luisa, and Michael (who returned one last time with his pregnant fiancée Charlie played by Brett Dier's real-life fiancée Haley Lu Richardson) all deserve some peace. As Alba says to Jane, "Finally, you're finally free of her." So while Jane and Rafael's wedding will probably have some other drama, it truly seems that the major villain has been vanquished and Jane can move forward with her life after Jane the Virgin ends with just a little less telenovela twists.