Sophie Turner Chugging Wine At The Ice Hockey Is Proof She'll Take The Iron Throne

by Aoife Hanna
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Look, let's be real, playing sports largely sucks and is boring for most people. (No, just me? OK.) Watching live sporting events, on the other hand, can be super fun. Especially over in the U.S. where they know how to turn it out. British star Sophie Turner has been making the most of her time on that side of the pond and proving she is ready to enjoy the myriad sporting events at her disposal. And this includes enjoying all those snacks and drinks — especially the drinks. Sophie Turner chugged a red wine at a hockey game and she is officially my queen as of now.

Real talk, have you seen the snacks and super-size drinks they get down with during games over in the U.S.? Now that is one way to work your biceps (right?), and Sansa Stark is ready for it. During a recent Rangers hockey game in New York, the cameras zoomed in on our favourite Game of Thrones star enjoying the sport in front of her. So, there she is, on the huge screen (aptly named the jumbatron), and, when she notices, does she look annoyed? Heck no she doesn't. Her way to deal with the attention was to pull some sick faces, dab a few times, and literally cane a large glass of red wine. And y'all know that was some good wine. Just when y'all thought she wasn't enough of an icon — she has now proved herself to be a legend.

Turner was there alongside her husband-to-be Joe Jonas. When the jumbatron panned over to the singer, he gave a few waves and some thumbs up. Leave it to the gals, I say.

A couple of the Jonas brothers were quick to comment on the video of Turner's epic on-screen appearance, with Joe posting a sunglasses emoji and Nick dropping a classic "oh my god." No words on Kevin's opinion yet but he has, like, kids to look after and stuff. So, fair.

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So, when are Joe and Sophie's upcoming nuptials? Joe dropped the news that they would be marrying this year and that it will be a summer wedding when he appeared on the Late Late Show With James Corden. And one lucky recipient of a save-the-date invite posted a vid of it on Instagram, accidentally revealing that the wedding is going to be in France — a detail that has not been confirmed by the couple. Either way, judging by this Instagram vid, the wine at this wedding will be excellent.

One thing that has been confirmed is the premiere date of Game Of Throne's final season: Sunday April 14. Potentially one of the most hotly anticipated finales of any show ever, rumours have been swirling about what is going to happen to all of our favourite characters for months.

As Bustle previously reported, Turner has hinted that women may well come out on top at the end of Game Of Thrones. Well, if it all ends in a drinking game, my bets are on Sansa.