7 Clues That Things Will Go Terribly Wrong For The Heroes Of 'Game Of Thrones' In Season 8

Helen Sloane/HBO

The end of Game Of Thrones is almost here. But let's be honest, fans have been stressing themselves out over what will happen in the finale of Game Of Thrones for years now — especially about their favorite characters who have somehow managed not to get killed. No easy feat on this show. So, before the final premiere ever on April 14 it's worth taking a closer look at all the clues that Game Of Thrones' heroes are in trouble in Season 8. Like epically so.

If we're being honest, the first clue was probably Ned Stark's death in the first season's penultimate episode, which made it clear that GoT isn't afraid to kill off anyone, even its biggest star. Or, you know, when the Wall finally came down last season, allowing the White Walkers to walk right into Westeros. But, there are some other signs that things are gonna get much worse before the show is through.

From the possible new Targaryen that could change Game Of Thrones forever to whatever it is Arya's running from in the Season 8 trailer to the ominous quasi spoiler HBO shared, there are more than a few clues that point to doom. Think of this as a way to prepare yourself for the inevitable horribleness that is to come, and who knows, maybe something good will come out of the final season, too.


Jon Snow Is The Real Heir To The Throne

Now that it's been revealed that Jon Snow is a Targaryen — his real name is Aegon Targaryen — it means that he's actually the true successor to the Iron Throne. That might make things a little rough between him and his aunt, Daenerys who for now believes she is the rightful heir. Not to mention, she really, really, really wants that seat. Once she discovers it's not hers, it's tough to say what she might do and knowing that should make Jon Snow fans very nervous.


The Fire At King's Landing

Fire means destruction, which is already a bad sign, but this particular fire, which was spotted on the King's Landing set might mean that Daenerys' vision in The House of The Undying may come true.

When Dany enters the House of The Undying in Season 2 to take back her dragons, she sees two visions: Khal Drogo and the child she lost, and the Throne Room in King's Landing.

Based on the color of the smoke, which is black in the video posted by Twitter user @a_red_priestess, the GoT fansite Winter is Coming teased that this could mean the fire was caused by dragons and could tease the Mother of Dragons downfall. One, that might be caused by her own children and lead to her losing the throne forever.


The Risks Of A More Powerful Gendry

Helen Sloan/HBO

Seriously, who doesn't want to see Gendry get a chance to show his powerful side in Season 8? Especially after he's spent so much the show rowing his boat gently down the stream or rive or wherever he was. But, the fact that actor Joe Dempsie has hinted that his character is going to realize his purpose in the final season is concerning.

He told the Game Of Thrones fan site Watchers On the Wall that Gendry's "potential significance [has become] more and more apparent, and potential is an important word." It's also a mysterious one since that potential could mean something good or something very bad for Game Of Thrones.

Gendry's Season 8 might be bigger than fans expected, but it's still unclear whether that means the only living heir to Robert Baratheon might also end up making a bid for the Iron Throne. Or, you know, Gendry may actually be the real Azor Ahai, messing up the plans of others looking to take the throne for themselves.


The Relationship Between Jon & Dany

Besides the fact that these two are related — she's technically his aunt since Jon's really a Targaryen — there are rumors that their sexual encounter could lead to a baby that is actually the Prince That Was Promised, otherwise known as Azor Ahai.

There is a Reddit theory that this child could be the key to saving the world in that this prince or princess has been promised to the Night King. The theory from Redditor Wastelandrider goes that Jon and Khaleesi are forced to offer up their firstborn to help save the Seven Kingdoms. Let's be honest, having to give up one's child is never a good thing, which should make fans weary of what it could do to these two.


What If Bran *Really* Is The Night King?

Bran is the Three-Eyed Raven, this we already know, but there are also theories that he could be the Night King, too. The mot notable from the Reddit user turm0il26, who thinks that Bran's inability to stop the Night King might be a sign that he actually is the leader of the White Walkers, whether he knows it or not.

Those that believe Bran is the Night King might have only gotten more confident after the Season 8 teaser, in which he is nowhere to be found. A clue that Bran might be the one we should have feared all along.


The Other Aegon Targaryen

Yes, Jon Snow's real name is Aegon Targaryen, but there's actually another Aegon Targaryen that could show up in Season 8 and be a real game changer for our heroes.

Watch the first trailer for Season 8 and you'll notice a mystery blonde that some have guessed is Rhaegar's first son, who also goes by the name Young Griff, who was believed to be dead. Why does it matter that he's alive? Well, this Aegon could possibly be the real Prince Who Was Promised. Oh, and he could be a very big problem for Jon and Dany. Not only because he's in charge of the Golden Company army, but because Young Griff is actually the rightful heir to the throne.


Arya Is Afraid, Which Means We All Should Be

The trailer for the final season begins with Arya running for her life in the Stark family crypt. While we don't know why, the fact that Arya, usually the bravest one of the bunch, is terrified should freak us all out.

According to Esquire, Arya might be running from her deceased family members — her dad Ned, mother Catelyn, and brother Robb — who the Night King has brought back to life in hopes of ruining their chances of taking down his army. Now we're scared, too.


7. HBO Said Basically Everyone's Going To Die

Everyone should prepare for their GoT faves to die in the final episodes of the show. Why? Because HBO basically confirmed as much. “None of the cast had received the scripts prior," Francesca Orsi, HBO's SVP of drama, said at the INTV Conference in Israel, according to Variety, "and one by one they started falling down to their deaths." She said “it was amazing" to have the entire cast find out how Game Of Thrones ends while sitting together in one room. "By the very end," she said, "everyone looked down and looked up and tears were in their eyes.”

That clue might be the most revealing one of all that also offers some advice for fans: Stock up on the Kleenex early.