Sophie Turner's Dad Predicted Her & Joe Jonas' Marriage During Her Childhood

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Turns out, Sophie Turner's dad is a sucker for the Jonas Brothers. According to the Game Of Thrones star, the Turner family has embraced Joe Jonas and it has a lot to do with his music. Let's just say, her dad is going to love the JoBros way past the year 3000, but he predicted Turner's marriage to Jonas way back in the '90s.

On Wednesday (June 19), Turner appeared on The Hollywood Foreign Press Association's (HFPA) podcast, “The HFPA in Conversation” and talked about her new husband, who she's still getting used to calling husband. "I keep going from boyfriend, to fiancé, to husband," Turner, who married Jonas in Vegas back in May, said, "I can’t figure out what to say!"

When it came to Turner's dad's relationship with Jonas, though, she had plenty to say. Much of which is going to make JoBros fans very happy. “Well he’s getting into the Jonas Brothers," Turner revealed. "They weren’t his demographic! But he’s getting into them now and he loves them and the new music is fantastic." Let's assume Turner's dad agrees that the JoBros' new album, Happiness Begins, which hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200, was worth the wait.

As was The Dark Phoenix star waiting to settle down with a musician. "So yeah, my dad was beyond pleased when I married a musician," Turner told the podcast, "because it was always kind of… ‘you have to marry a rugby player or a musician!’ So I got one of them right.”

It makes you wonder what her dad would think about her not just marrying a musician, but playing one onscreen. Earlier this week, Boy George said he would want Turner to play him in his biopic. Even better, the Dark Phoenix actor is interested, tweeting, "I'm SO down," after the news of Boy George's casting what if broke.

Unfortunately, Turner isn't taking on this new role just yet. For now, she's still busy thinking about her last one. Game Of Thrones may be over — and her time really is over, since Turner doesn't want a Sansa Stark spinoff — but since it did take up a decade of her young life, she's still taking stock of what the experience of GoT meant to her. Not to mention, thinking about what she might have done differently if she knew better. After all, she got the role when she was just 13 years old.

When "The HFPA in Conversation" podcast asked her what advice she would give her 13-year-old self at the start of Game Of Thrones she said, "Stay off social media until you’re 18... I would tell myself to take in every moment." Turner added that she also would have told her teenage self to be kinder to herself. "I would also say that you’re not overweight, you’re not ugly," she said, "be confident in yourself but be open to learning from others.”

Apparently, what she learned from her dad is that musicians do make good partners. And now it seems Turner's dad will be busy learning all the words to every Jonas Brothers song.