Sophie Turner Made Joe Jonas Watch 'Harry Potter' To Date Her & Why Wouldn't She?

David Crotty/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have been one of the best celebrity couples out there since they met (with Turner bringing an entourage of frat boys to protect her). And their relationship just gets cuter with every new detail of how their love came to be. Sophie Turner made Joe Jonas watch the Harry Potter movies in order to date her, and honestly, it's totally reasonable.

Jonas made the hilarious reveal during an interview on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Monday, April 26, saying that it was a condition before their romance even became official. ”Sophie, she said, 'Look, if we're going to get married...' It was actually, 'If you're going to date me, you have to watch the Harry Potter movies,'" he revealed. Of course, he loved them all.

Once he completed that task, he set a condition of his own for their relationship: Turner must watch the Lord of the Rings films, which has been another quarantine project. But he’s taken their fandom a step further. "We've been binge-watching Lord of the Rings during this time, and building the Legos that go with the movies, which is quite fun," he told Corden. Yes, Jonas and Turner are building Legos together, and it’s gone beyond Middle-earth. ”We’ve done three Lord of the Rings Legos. We've done Hogwarts, the castle, which is like 7000 pieces, the Batmobile, and Stranger Things," he explained with glee.

The couple has shown off their elaborate Lego sets on Tik Tok, and they are indeed modern masterpieces. But that’s not the only thing they’ve been up to while in quarantine. Jonas allowed Turner to give him a makeover, which yielded fabulous results, and he even has a special plan up his sleeve to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. “I think we would have gone back to Vegas,” he said, Las Vegas being where they had their first wedding. “So if you can keep a secret, I would say I might try to recreate Vegas in our house. I have a DJ set-up. We could do a nightclub.”

Turner previously told Conan O’Brien that quarantine has been a dream for her, since it’s allowed her to spend time with Jonas at home, as she prefers. "If I could stay at home all day I would, so this is great for me," she said. "Joe's a real social butterfly, so I struggle to lock him down and have him spend time with me.”

To quench his FOMO, he has been throwing DJ sets at home, so a Vegas-themed staycation would be right on-brand for the two. But can he start streaming his DJ sets online, please? It's for the greater good.

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