Sophie Turner & Priyanka Chopra Are As Pumped About The Jonas Brothers Reunion As You Are

by Parry Ernsberger
Desiree Navarro/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images/Roy Rochlin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Jonas Brothers are officially back, and their brand-new single is just hours from dropping. Among the many teeny-boppers-turned-adult-boppers fully losing their minds right now are two very familiar faces, and Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra's comments about the Jonas Brothers reunion prove that they're just as excited about it as you are. They might even be more excited than you are, seeing as how they both have VIP access to the group for life. Lucky. *Hangs head and kicks dirt.*

It's been a little more than a week since rumors about a possible reunion first started circulating, and now fans' wildest dreams are about to come true. On Thursday, Feb. 28, the Jonas Brothers announced via Instagram that they'd be releasing a new single — titled "Sucker" — at midnight EST on Friday. The track will be the first piece of new material they've put out since 2013, according to Rolling Stone, and fans are like, foaming at the mouth with anticipation.

Hysteria is sweeping the nation, and it seems as if no one is immune — not even celebrities. Not even Turner and Chopra, who are engaged and married respectively, to JoBros. Turner posted her response to the Bros' Instagram announcement with lightning speed. Literally one minute after their post went up, as captured by @CommentsByCelebs, the Game of Thrones star wrote, "It's time babyyyyyy."

Turner — who's been engaged to Joe Jonas since October 2017 —  dedicated a post on her own account to the news as well. "They’re back baby," she captioned the pic of the JoBros new single art. That's dedication right there.

Echoing that enthusiasm, Chopra showed her support for the band in multiple places too. Under Nick Jonas' post, the star wrote, "Yesss baby! It's time! So proud." On her personal page, Chopra shared the single art and added, "And yes they're back...and may I say... hotter than ever. So proud of the family #Sucker #JonasBrothers #MidnightET."

Chopra is, of course, married to Nick Jonas. The two got hitched back in December following a super-short courtship, and it seems as if the Quantico star is adjusting to the role of supportive wife quite nicely.

In addition to Turner and Chopra, a slew of other celebrities have been voicing their excitement about the reunion on the Bros' various Instagram pages. Among the many comments on Joe's page are ecstatic messages from Ashley Graham, Wilmer Valderrama, Diplo, and Patrick Schwarzenegger, just to name a few. "Wow 13 year old me is very shook," Hailey Baldwin wrote.

Ryan Tedder, Julianne Hough, Winnie Harlow, and Jordin Sparks showed their support on Nick's account. Nicole Polizzi, aka Snooki, left a comment on Kevin's account that read, "LIVING for this get it." Oh, and uh, Dr. Phil is apparently really pumped too, seeing as how he either "liked" or posted an emoji under each brother's page.

Clearly, this reunion is a very big deal to a *lot* of people. Lucky for Turner and Chopra, they'll have front-row seats for the whole thing.