Sophie Turner Sipped Tea With Alex Morgan At The VMAs & More BTS Moments You Need To See

by Nicole Pomarico
Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While most of the big moments from award shows happen on camera, this time, some of the best ones were going on behind the scenes — and they involve a former Game of Thrones star. On Monday night, Sophie Turner shared photos from the 2019 MTV VMAs, and not only did she give a peek into what she and husband Joe Jonas were up to, but also a couple of truly perfect pictures with other celebs at the awards.

Of course, it was a big night for Jonas — the Jonas Brothers took home the award for Best Pop. But it seems like it was an even bigger night for Turner, and for those of us who weren't lucky enough to be backstage ourselves, she really came through.

In a tweet shared after the awards, Turner congratulated the Jonas Brothers before offering up "a few of my favorite moments from tonight."

Those moments happened to include Jonas lounging backstage, Turner taking a photo with Lizzo, and her pretending to sip tea with Alex Morgan. Truly iconic — it really seems like Turner was out there living her best life at the VMAs while her husband accepted his award and worked the red carpet.

Turner's out there, making her fangirl dreams come true (as well as the dreams of many others, because who wouldn't want to meet Lizzo and Alex Morgan?).

The tea-sipping shot is especially iconic, being that Turner often takes to her Instagram Story to share the "tea" of the day, with her most recent being how upset she was that it wasn't acceptable to eat pasta for breakfast and that she'd have to wait 'til lunch — who hasn't felt that way? If only she and Morgan had shot a video about the tea from the VMAs.

Alex Morgan/Instagram

Photographers also captured Turner's moment with Lizzo during the awards, and those photos are almost as good as the ones that Turner shared herself. Turner looking lovingly at Lizzo (as we all do) with Jonas and Lil Nas X smiling in the background? This one's a framer.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Turner was also truly living during other moments of the show, like when she and Jonas gave Taylor Swift a standing ovation — despite the fact that Jonas and Swift once dated a very long time ago. Clearly, there's no bad blood here:

She and Hailee Steinfeld also had quite the dance party while Normani performed "Motivation," as evidenced here:

And she, Jonas, and brother-in-law Nick Jonas couldn't have been more excited to see Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello perform "Señorita," truly reflecting so many of the emotions that fans felt while watching those two on stage:

For those of us who couldn't be at the VMAs ourselves, watching Turner have so much fun in the audience is the second best option. Seeing her having such a blast (and grab those amazing photo ops that anyone would want) is almost as fun as being there yourself — almost. May Turner always share her awards show experiences this way.