Milo Ventimiglia Has A Lot Of Miguel Feels

It's not easy being the guy to follow Jack Pearson. Don't believe me? Just ask Miguel, who despite being a seemingly loving husband and stepfather is considered by most This Is Us fans to be the worst. It turns out the poor guy has at least one fan. During the recent Paleyfest, Milo Ventimiglia revealed he loves Miguel, as reported by Screener.

Given how protective Ventimiglia is of his character, Jack, and his status as the proud father of The Big Three, I'm sure he would much rather Jack still be alive and with his family. However, since Jack can't be there for his family in the present, it seems the actor feels Miguel is doing his best to honor his best friend — even though he did end up married to Jack's wife.

In defense of Miguel, Ventimiglia said,

"Jack and Miguel are the closest of friends. I’m sure Miguel would be as heartbroken to know that Jack and Rebecca are going through a hard time. It doesn’t open doors or anything like that. I'm sure he'd be just as crushed knowing his best friend and his best friend's wife, who he's also friends with, are going through a hard time."

It's important to remember Miguel has been through a divorce, and he idealizes Jack and Rebecca's marriage. So far, the character has basically been a saint, from graciously asking for a chance to be Pilgrim Rick to helping Jack realize nothing is more important than Rebecca and the kids. As Ventimiglia puts it, "It's not an opening that he's waiting for. Miguel's an honorable guy. He's Jack’s best friend. Miguel's a good one. Miguel's the best.”

While it is going to take a long time for This Is Us fans to come around to the idea of Miguel being "the best," it is time everyone cut the man some slack. He's no Jack, but Miguel appears to be doing his best to make Rebecca feel loved in the present. He should at least get kudos for being a good second husband.

Ventimiglia also thinks he's a pretty amazing stepdad, when the kids let him be, that is. The This Is Us patriarch revealed the moment in episode 15 when Miguel told Kevin how much he reminded him of Jack made him cry. He even went so far as to say the scene "makes the hair on my arm stand up."

While I totally get it if, like Kevin, you have a hard time making room in your heart for Miguel, just remember he was Jack's best friend. That means Jack saw something special in him, and if nothing else, you can relate to the fact that Miguel misses Jack in the present just as much as you do.