Spotify Launched A Daily Horoscope Podcast For Every Single Sign


Calling all my fellow horoscope lovers. If reading your horoscope online, on Instagram, and through various astrology apps isn't enough, I've got good news: Spotify and Parcast launched "Horoscope Today," a podcast which includes a different daily show for each zodiac sign. Now you can get your daily astro scoop straight through your earbuds, without having to sit and read a thing.

"Horoscope Today" officially launched Sept. 3, and it's set up as a series of twelve daily podcasts — one for each zodiac sign — which can be streamed straight from Spotify. Each show is between two to three minutes long and includes a thoughtful and insightful horoscope, personalized astrological advice and affirmations, plus some general info on what notable transits, aspects, and other planetary influences are being showered down on us collectively that day — all put together by a professional team of astrologers. Each show is presented against a backdrop of soothing, ambient music that makes your daily dose of cosmic guidance feel simultaneously like a quick moment of meditation.

"The stars serve as a source of guidance in all aspects of our lives — from relationships to careers, and everywhere in between," explained Spotify in a press release. "'Horoscope Today' will provide listeners with a source of identity, a roadmap to their destinies and permission to follow their own instincts." I don't know about you, but I'm stoked.


These daily podcast 'scopes will be super helpful for anyone with a busy schedule — because as easy as it's become to find a horoscope source that suits your needs and style (be it via quick notifications from a trusty astrology app or your favorite astrologer's daily Insta posts, or lengthy, in-depth daily 'scopes from your astrology website of choice), if you're on-the-go all day long, horoscopes aren't always at the top of the priority list. It can be hard to justify setting aside the time to read your horoscope when you've got 100 unread e-mails from the past 24 hours alone looming in your inbox — but simply adding a quick, two-and-a-half minute podcast to the rotation during morning commute or while you're putting on your makeup is easy as pie.

I listened to my sun sign's personalized podcast, "Libra Today," to get my horoscope this morning. I appreciated that it actually shared a bit of information on current planetary aspects and placements (rather than sharing horoscope advice alone), as it's helpful to anyone who is A) already into astrology or B) wants to learn more about it. The horoscope was thoughtful and straight to the point (each 'scope is less than three minutes long, after all). The daily show's advice was helpful and compassionate, and they gave some great pointers on how to deal with the planetary drama in the areas of relationships, careers, and more. They even offered up some hyper-specific guidance regarding a pesky Pisces that may or may not be in the periphery of my life. Go figure.


As mentioned, "Horoscope Today" is a Parcast original series — Parcast being Spotify's in-house podcast studio, and the creator of dozens of popular Spotify podcasts including titles such as "Serial Killers" and "Medical Mysteries." This is the second daily podcast series by Parcast, as it successfully launched its "Today In True Crime" series last month, in Aug. 2019, according to reports.

And this isn't the first time Spotify tapped into our collective obsession with astrology. In Jan. 2019, Spotify launched "Cosmic Playlists," which are a set of weekly playlists and horoscopes curated specifically for each zodiac sign with the help of their guest astrologer, Chani Nicholas. "Horoscope Today" is the perfect daily addition to the cosmic vibez of Spotify's original astro playlist.

If you're as excited as I am, check out your zodiac sign's "Horoscope Today" episode and see if you end up hooked. Simply go to your Spotify search bar, and type in the name of your sign followed by the word "today" and you're golden. You can also click on your sign's show here for an updated list of episodes: Aries Today, Taurus Today, Gemini Today, Cancer Today, Leo Today, Virgo Today, Libra Today, Scorpio Today, Sagittarius Today, Capricorn Today, Aquarius Today, or Pisces Today. Happy horoscopin'!