You Can Get A Six-Pack Of Limited Edition Halloween Hot Cups At Starbucks

Lily Lord/Bustle

Are you in a Halloween mood, but have yet to decide which specific genre of Halloween your mood fits? Enter Starbucks, who went ahead and repped for all of them with Starbucks' reusable Halloween hot cups. Each pack comes with six 16-ounce cups and six black lids so you can mix it up every morning to spooky heart's content, and it comes with the added bonus of being reusable both at home and in Starbucks stores. It looks like your PSL just became a whole lot more of a mood.

The palette of the reusable Halloween hot cups isn't your usual fare of neon orange and black, but rather a more muted Halloween theme, with two gray gray, black, pale mint green, magenta, and white. Each of them depicts a charming Halloween illustration, from skulls to pumpkins to cobwebs, which Starbucks cheekily calls "costumes" for your drink. Per the back of the box, they're not microwave safe, but they are top-rack dishwasher safe — so as long as you're keeping up with your weekly dishes, you should have a cup for every day of the week (minus Sunday, which is when I assume you'll be busting out your at-home coffee mug).

The cups retail for $11.95 a pack; these were spotted in a Starbucks inside of a Target in Northern Virginia.

Lily Lord/Bustle

This isn't the first time Starbucks has released a set of aesthetically-pleasing reusable cups. In spring of 2019, Starbucks debuted a pack of five color-changing tumblers that took Instagram by storm. Each pack came with five different 16-ounce cups, five lids, and five straws — all of which were in different colors, creating a mix-and-match jamboree. The combinations were seemingly endless (and, to be honest, caused about an hour's worth of indecision when my family got our hands on a set), especially considering — true to their name — the cups did, in fact, change color when you put a cold beverage in them. They're no longer available in Starbucks locations, but they're retailing for about $25 per pack by resellers, which isn't the worst markup in the world (considering Starbucks' reusable holiday cups from 2018 were selling for $25 each).

Lily Lord/Bustle

If you're looking for more spooky wares from Starbucks, you're in luck. The chain also has a tall plastic cup with a straw that has a cobweb design and a black mug with a cobweb design, ideal for cold and hot drinks. Another option, the Matte Black Tumbler, also gained a lot of popularity among Starbucks fans when it hit shelves in August, although that might be a little more difficult to find on shelves now. now. If you're looking for a cup specifically suited to your Halloween needs, though, I'd start checking your local Starbucks sooner rather than later — before you know it, the holiday tumblers will be rolling in (and hopefully, given our love for it last year, the reusable holiday cup with all of its discounted Starbucks drink deals too). Have a spooky sip!