This Stassi & Patrick Confrontation Will Make 'Vanderpump Rules' Fans SUPER Uncomfortable

Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Stassi Schroeder, Patrick Meagher, and Lisa Vanderpump walk into a Sexy Unique Bar.... and it does not go well. In a clip of next Monday's Vanderpump Rules finale, Stassi, Patrick, and Lisa have a confrontation that is about as cringeworthy as Scheana Shay "joking" about marrying Rob Valletta right after her divorce from Mike Shay was finalized. In the sneak peek, Stassi introduces Patrick to Lisa. Lisa quickly reminds him they actually met at Sirius XM, to which Patrick replies, “I liked watching you walk away, to be honest with you.”

You don’t think anything else that happens in this conversation could possibly be as awkward as Patrick’s comment about LVP’s derrière? Think again. Buckle up for Patrick being icy. Oh, and batten down the hatches for Patrick’s sarcastic comment about every couple, including LVP and Ken Todd, being "perfect." And do not forget about whole Stassi’s uncharacteristically tuned out vibe. LVP asks if Stassi is sober, Patrick accuses LVP of being condescending, and the conversation careens right off the rails. Patrick excuses himself, a palpably uncomfortable Stassi barely gets a sentence out before wandering away, and LVP looks like someone just told her that Giggy the Pom got his driver's license and is doing donuts in her Rolls Royce in the parking lot behind SUR.

This scene is just two minutes of Monday’s finale. Two minutes. Oh, this is going to be a doozy of a finale, isn't it?

It has to be one of the most uncomfortable scenes from this season. Like, it is right up there with Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz offering up their unsolicited, Jägermeister-soaked two cents at Nick Alain’s showroom in Las Vegas. And up there with that Kevin Lee begrudgingly apologizing to Katie Maloney after he criticized her body. And up there with Rob and Scheana talking about Scheana’s lost smile.

Up until this season, Patrick refused to go on Pump Rules, a move that created a lot of friction within the cast. When he finally appeared on the show in Season 6, did he make quite the splash. The bonkers Ned Stark metaphor, the vacation text message drama, the refusal to wear a costume to his girlfriend's costume party, the patronizing sneers — whew, whew Season 6 was not a great look for Patrick. And uh, Season 6 will probably be his only season.

As Pump fans who follow the present-day Vander-news know, Stassi and Patrick's on-again, off-again relationship ended in August 2017. On Valentine’s Day, the Pump star confirmed that she is seeing someone new. Stassi has been dating a guy named Beau Clark for the last few months.

It sounds like Kristen Doute and Katie have wanted to make this love connection for a while. As Stassi explained on a recent episode of Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast, she met Beau through the other two Witches of WeHo. “Kristen and Katie had been trying to set us up during Patrick and [my] first breakup two years ago,” Stassi recalled. However, she and Beau did not actually meet until August of 2017. Stassi said they “took it slow for six months” but “just became something that was inevitable.” She said that this is her “first healthy [relationship]," adding,

"I feel really accepted, like I can 100 percent be myself and still feel loved. He’s just so nice to me, he’s so caring and so laid-back and just wants to do good by me.”

So while you watch Stassi, Patrick, and LVP's prickly interaction during the upcoming season finale, remember: It's over, that was a long time ago, everyone has moved on, and Stassi has found someone who seems to make her very happy. Oh, and think of deep fried goat cheese balls. Those seem to make any bad moment better.