The Street Style At Bustle's Rule Breakers Event Was Radical

Anthony Tran/Bustle

At Bustle's Rule Breakers event, there were DIY tassel earrings and soothing face scrubs. You could snack all day on edible cookie dough, liquor-infused ice cream, and sparkly cotton candy. There was a 1992 rollerskating dance party to tunes by VaShtie, and superstar Janelle Monáe crowd surfed — twice. And there was the crowd full of bona fide style rebels in their Saturday best enjoying all of the fun. Yup, the street style at Bustle's 2018 Rule Breakers was so good, it rivaled the inaugural event itself.

So what exactly was Bustle's Rule Breakers? The first-ever event on Sept. 22 celebrated female and non-binary rule breakers IRL instead of just on our internet pages — though there was plenty of Rule Breakers content too. As Bustle Digital Group editor-in-chief Kate Ward explained prior to the event, "At Bustle, we have always celebrated women who have broken boundaries to achieve amazing things, but Rule Breakers gives us a chance to celebrate them in real life."

With a headlining performance by Grammy-nominated artist Janelle Monáe and creative activations throughout Brooklyn's Prospect Park, the day was a celebration of breaking through the status quo, saying goodbye to arbitrary rules, and being unapologetically authentic.

For some attendees, this celebration came in the form of rule breaking ensembles. As fashion lovers known, your sartorial choices are more than a means of staying warm and not getting arrested. Your clothes can be a crucial way to express who you are, a way to send a message, and yes, a way to break rules.

That's why we've rounded up some of the greatest street style moments at this year's Bustle Rule Breakers event. We're celebrating fashion as expression, as a way to move outside of a defined box, and a means to say "eff you" to style rules. And — with jumpsuits, colorful patterns, and excellent accessories galore — these attendees modeled just what that looks like.

Alexia Olano, @perplexia_oh

Anthony Tran/Bustle

Love a good accessory moment.

Amanda Astorga

Anthony Tran/Bustle

Never forget to throw on a flower crown when you're feeling fine.

Anna Baxter, @abaxter_7

Anthony Tran/Bustle

Fashion should be fun, and clearly Anna knows it.

Ari Bines, @ms.bines (L) with Brie Bines @briebines (R)

Anthony Tran/Bustle

These styling sisters are a whole entire mood.

Brittany Miller, @lilmissbriii

Anthony Tran/Bustle

Harness your inner badass, right?

Crystal Tysone, @tattooedmama (L) with Julia Hue (R)

Anthony Tran/Bustle

Tell them who you are: The "Fairest Of Them All."

Curtis Rose, @thecurtisroseimperative (L) with Mersedec Roberts, @merse_uh_lago (R)

Anthony Tran/Bustle

Boldly wearing white after Labor Day because what even IS that rule?!

Erika Lindsey, @urkahmerika

Anthony Tran/Bustle

Shining like the sun.

Genesis Gonzalez, @adventureswithgen

Anthony Tran/Bustle

Your style should make you want to strike a pose.

Hadassah Williams, @suchadoll1024

Athony Tran/Bustle

These chunky shoes will crush your foes.

Javiera Valle Toro, @javiera_valle_toro

Anthony Tran/Bustle

Now that's how you dress up leggings.

Katie Krahulik, @katiekrahul

Anthony Tran/Bustle

Your mom's jeans could never.

Kimberly Dooley, @k.dools

Anthony Tran/Bustle

A little modern, a little floral, a whole lot of fashion.

Lindsay Mannering, @lindsayvirginia

Anthony Tran/Bustle

A jumpsuit moment AND a red lip? Call it a power move, because it is.

Mafer Zaldivar, @maferzaldivar

Anthony Tran/Bustle

Bell bottoms are back and so, so stylish.

Miranda Rausch, @mirandarausch96

Anthony Tran/Bustle

Forget rose colored glasses. See gold, baby.

Raulbel Agraz, @raulbel_agraz

Anthony Tran/Bustle

Pink pants? Yes, please!

Rosanne Salvatore, @rosannedanielle (L) with Kara McGrath, @diosmioitskara (R)

Anthony Tran/Bustle

Cute and casual is always festival-approved fashion.

Rosie von Lila, @rosievonlila

Anthony Tran/Bustle

It's all about the lavish accessories.

Sam Jones, @therealsamjones

Anthony Tran/Bustle

Grabbing attention without apologies.

Sofia Rivera, @sofiariverasojo

Anthony Tran/Bustle

Concerts call for all cropped everything.

Sophie Gorson, @sgorson

Anthony Tran/Bustle

Primary colors and florals are so festival chic.

Teresia Huggins, @stylesbyterry

Anthony Tran/Bustle

A Little Red Riding Hood lewk.

Willa Bennett, @willahbennett

Anthony Tran/Bustle

A stylish suit never hurt anybody.

Bustle's Rule Breakers was a radical event celebrating fighting back and creating your own path, and these street style looks are doing just that through radical fashion. But dedicated festivals aren't the only time to shatter style expectations. Take notes from the stylish stars above and break the fashion rules every single season. You look great, sweetie.