'Queer Eye's Tan France Helps Pete Davidson Embrace His BDE In This Makeover Video

After working his stylish magic on so many other guys, Queer Eye's Tan France gave Pete Davidson a makeover, again. Last year, France took Davidson shopping and it was a real-life episode of Queer Eye where he tried to tame the SNL star's look, which by his own admission is a lot. This time, reuniting for an episode of France's new webseries Dressing Funny, the fashion guru decided to add a funny twist to this shopping trip, which took place in a hotel room, versus a traditional store. And the intimate vibe only makes France's first outfit choice for Davidson even more fitting.

For his very first outfit, France decided to put Davidson in an elevated version of his usual sweatpants look, one that would emphasize his BDE. As it turns out, however, Davidson isn't really a fan of the BDE label. "It's embarrassing," he said of the title, noting, "I guess it's better than the other way around." And, despite Davidson's aversion to the term, France insists on giving the comedian a BDE-appropriate makeover of fitted grey sweatpants and a pink blazer. “It’s a nice lunch outfit,” the comedian says. “A very very f*ckable outfit.”

In this episode, Davidson also discussed some of the other non-fashion changes he's made in his life. For example, he tells France that he's been drinking more water, less Mountain Dew and it's doing wonders for his skin. He's working on his posture and he's not a big fan of touring, despite having spent a lot of the spring on the road doing standup with, who else, John Mulaney, France's very first Dressing Funny guest. In fact, the trio's connection inspired the designer to give Davidson a John Mulaney makeover.

To get the "Mulaney lewk," France chose a turtleneck for Davidson and a slim-fitting light gray suit. Did Davidson look like a used car salesman? Well, sort of, but a very, very stylish one. Those who've seen Dressing Funny know this is a callback to the premiere episode in which France gave Mulaney a hypebeast makeover that made him look a lot like his buddy Davidson, who isn't afraid to play with color and wear Spongebob-printed pants.

After trying out the Mulaney-inspired suit, it was time for the final outfit: France's version of a dinner look for Davidson, which is slightly elevated, but still very much him. "I'm like Danny Zuko of today," Davidson said, looking at his cropped plaid motorcycle jacket. France thought it made him look a lot like fellow Queer Eye guy Antoni Porowski, who's also buddies with Davidson. "It's kind of a Tan-Antoni look," France said of the outfit. "Your shoes and Antoni's jacket," Davidson responded, before pulling in another Fab Five member, Bobby Berk, "Bobby's jeans! Bobby wears loose fitting jeans."

Hey, if you're going to get made over by one of the Fab Five, you might as well look like the Fab Five when you're done! Besides, if Davidson is going to dress like the Queer Eye guys there's only one thing left to do: give the Fab Five a Davidson makeover and call it even.