12 Bachelor Couples That Got Together in 2017

As you might expect from a show about finding true love, there's been a lot of Bachelor couples in 2017 who have managed to find something special with someone else. Be it finding love with a fellow Bachelor alum during The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor In Paradise, or with someone who hasn't ever been involved in the show (apparently, that's doable. Who knew?) all of these Bachelor stars have coupled up this year. With mixed results, as you might expect. For some of these couples, their love stories have remained surprisingly (and adorably) solid ever since they first got together. For others, their relationships have barely managed to surpass hook-up status, or sustain that loving feeling for long after the cameras have stopped rolling.

However, when you're a Bachelor Nation star, the cameras never really stop. As showcased by many of these couples and the way in which they broadcast their relationships, big announcements, breakups, and even public squabbles with each other in one or two cases, these Bachelor stars continue to share their love stories on social media when the TV lens isn't on them. Which is great for fans. How else are we supposed to swoon at some of these dreamy pairings and keep up with who everyone is dating if we can't see it on social media? With that in mind, here's 12 Bachelor couples that we saw get together this year...


Wells Adams & Sarah Hyland

After teasing their relationship with the world's cutest Stranger Things couple costume ever, Adams confirmed his relationship with Hyalnd in an interview with The Morning Breath at the start of November. May they continue to devour Eggos together for many Halloweens to come.


Lauren Bushnell & Devin Antin

Following her breakup from Ben Higgins in May, Bushnell has since moved on to a relationship with real-estate investor, Antin. The two became Instagram official in August, and from the looks of Bushnell's social media feeds, the two look pretty happy together.


Robby Hayes & Amanda Stanton

Hayes and Stanton got together this year on Bachelor In Paradise, however, you no doubt remember their drama-stacked split more than their coupling. Amid allegations that Hayes was cheating on Stanton, the two sparred on social media and it got pretty ugly.


Raven Gates & Adam Gottschalk

It's always nice to see a Bachelor nation couple still going strong long after the cameras have stopped rolling, and that appears to be the case for Gottschalk and Gates who got together during Bachelor In Paradise, this year. Interestingly, Gottschalk appeared on Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette and Gates is still good friends with her since their time on Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor. And yet, the three got to enjoy a double date with Lindsay and her beau, Brian Abasolo without any apparent awkwardness. Which is honestly some kind of magic, in and of itself.


Sarah Herron & Dylan Brown

Proof that love can be found without a televised rose ceremony, Herron posted the above picture with the caption, "Happily not returning to Bachelor in Paradise this summer. #ParadiseFound #Sarahdise#adventurebuds ...but I will miss Jorge." Messaged received, lady.


Lace Morris & Russell

In an interview with E!, Morris disclosed that she also found love outside of rose ceremonies, meeting her current boyfriend, Russel on a dating app at the start of the year. "We started talking at the beginning of January very nonchalantly," Morris revealed, "we just immediately hit it off and it's crazy, we've been inseparable since!" Morris was previously engaged to Bachelor Nation star, Grant Kemp, before their breakup at the end of 2016.


Rachel Lindsay & Brian Abasolo

Of course, Lindsay and Abasolo are on this list. The two got engaged at the end of The Bachelorette and they continue to seem as happy now as they did then. In a September interview with The Wendy Williams Show, Lindsay called Abasolo "too good to be true," and gushed about their love story, "I felt it, it was logical, it was emotional and every day it gets better." Aw.


Derek Peth & Taylor Nolan

Arguably one of the strongest couples from Bachelor In Paradise this year, the two got together before the shows surprise hiatus, but managed to reunite once production resumed. Peth and Nolan got engaged at the start of September, to the surprise of absolutely nobody because these guys were smitten from the get-go.


Lacey Mark & Daniel Maguire

Though the two are apparently not together anymore, they shared a whole lot of feelings (and possibly a little extra) together during their stint on Bachelor In Paradise.


Dean Unglert & Danielle Lombard & Kristina Schulman

Lombard perfectly surmised exactly how frustrating this Bachelor In Paradise love triangle was in an interview with US Weekly. She said, "Dean is the kind of person who changes his mind every couple of days, maybe even every couple of hours. He doesn’t really know what he wants." Which is pretty much exactly how his messy, respective relationships with Lombard and Schulman went down on the show. Suffice to say, he wound up with neither woman.


Izzy Goodkind & Matt Trembicki

While Goodkind's ex, Vinny Ventiera headed back to Paradise this year, she was finding love with non-Bachelor alum, Trembicki.


Ben Zorn & Zeus

OK, so this isn't a romantic coupling. But every Bachelor In Paradise fan must have enjoyed a deep sigh of relief when Zorn could go back home to his dog, Zeus. An animal that he simply would not shut up about for the whole time he was there. Look at them, guys. That's true love, right there, no matter how you frame it.

2017 has been a pretty ferocious year for love in the crazy, rose gifting world of The Bachelor. But here's hoping that we manage to see a few more terrific couples get together once 2018 rolls around. Although, if we're being realistic, we're unlikely to see anything quite as solid as the bond between Zorn and Zeus. Let's live in hope, though, guys.