The 13 Craziest 'Last Jedi' Theories

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Now that Rogue One is out of the way, Star Wars fans can get back to the task at hand of figuring out what's going to happen next in the main episodic saga. A lot happened in The Force Awakens, which spawned a number of theories as to what would take place in Episode VIII. Those theories ramped up considerably after the title of the new film, The Last Jedi, was revealed, but what are the craziest Last Jedi theories currently making the rounds on the internet?

Since this is Star Wars I'm talking about here, most of them deal with familial relations. The franchise is all about secret family connections, like Darth Vader being Luke Skywalker's father and Princess Leia being Luke's sister, and fans are positive that The Last Jedi will continue that trend even more than The Force Awakens did with its reveal of Kylo Ren being the son of Leia and Han Solo. There are also theories about who the Last Jedi is, since Luke seems like too obvious of an answer, as well as many guesses as to the identity of big bad Snoke. So take a look below at the most out-there Star Wars theories of the moment.

Rey Is Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Granddaughter
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This one has been around for a while, and while it's not yet as mainstream as the obvious "Rey is Luke's daughter" theory, it's definitely picking up steam since, uh, both characters have English accents.

Rey Is Palpatine’s Granddaughter
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Rey obviously has a strong connection to the Force, but is her heritage light or dark?

Rey Turns To The Dark Side
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Whether or not she's descended from The Emperor, plenty of fans think that Rey isn't the heroine we've been led to believe, and that she'll go dark in the next film.

Rey Loses An Arm

Every Star Wars movie has featured someone losing a limb (if you count this deleted scene from TFA), and some fans think Rey's arm is history in the next one thanks to rumors about her wearing a green screen sleeve on set.

Luke Skywalker Is Evil
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Like Rey, Luke is presumed to be the savior of the series — but what if he's actually the big bad?

Kylo Ren Is Good
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This theory puts forth the idea that Kylo has infiltrated the First Order to bring it down from the inside, and that killing his father was just part of his commitment to the job. I'd rather have him just be evil, tbh.

Finn Is Paralyzed
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One of the questions Josh Gad bombarded Daisy Ridley with was this, as some fans are worried about Finn's health since he's never seen fully recovered after his fight with Kylo.

Snoke Is Mace Windu
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Samuel L. Jackson thinks his character from the prequels is still alive, but could he have become Snoke? Well, they're both bald, so I guess that's something.

Finn Is Snoke’s Son

This is basically part two of the above theory, meaning that Mace Windu might just be the most important character in the new trilogy.

There Are Multiple Last Jedi
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The crux of this theory is that the plural of Jedi is Jedi, and some foreign versions of the movie poster appear to use the plural form in their native languages, which suggests there is not one "last Jedi," but several.

Snoke Is the Last Jedi
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This would be another major twist, but since Snoke isn't a Sith, some fans think he's a very ancient Jedi. If that's the case, then Luke — whom we know was a Jedi at one point — must either die in the film or turn Sith.

Snoke Is Darth Vader

The two do have very similar scars on their heads, but I'm pretty sure Vader is dead. Unless Snoke is Vader's ghost, but I have to believe J.J. Abrams and company have come up with something more original than that for Snoke's origin.

Snoke Is Jar Jar Binks
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OK, there's no way this one is true, but the new canon novel Star Wars Aftermath: Empire's End reveals that Jar Jar does survive the rebellion, meaning he could still be around for The Last Jedi.