The 15 Most Tear-Jerking Movies Streaming On Amazon Prime, Right Now

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Even though it’s great to watch a movie that’ll leave you feeling amazing and energized, sometimes we just need something that'll make us cry. Much like listening to sad music when you’re feeling down and having a rough day, watching a sad movie can feel therapeutic and like a great excuse to let it all out. If you’re looking for something to cry to, Amazon Prime has plenty of tearjerkering movies that’ll deeply touch you.

The great thing about Amazon Prime is that the streaming service includes plenty of flicks you won’t find on Netflix, including heartbreaking classics like Sophie’s Choice, Gone with the Wind, and Fried Green Tomatoes. Amazon’s also got you covered with recent Academy Award-nominated tearjerkers, including Moonlight, Inside Llewyn Davis, The Big Sick, and more. Plus, there are some indie flicks you might have missed, like Short Term 12 and Good Dick, the latter written, directed, and starring GLOW’s Marianna Palka.

There is a bit of something for everyone who’s looking to feel completely immersed and emotional while watching a movie. But even if you’re not the type who typically enjoys watching weep-worthy movies, Amazon Prime’s selection will make you change your mind and want to watch these tear-jerkers ASAP.


'Me Before You'

This romantic drama will leave you shattered as you lose yourself in Lou and Will's story and reach its tragic ending.


'Gone With The Wind'

Gone with the Wind is an absolute classic and after investing more than three hours watching it, it'll make you feel a wide range of emotions—but a large part of that is sadness as you see everything that Scarlett endures.


'Sophie's Choice'

Even if you haven't watched this Meryl Streep classic, you've probably heard the term "Sophie's choice." The actual choice in the film is incredibly harrowing, as shown in a series of Holocaust-set flashbacks.


'The Florida Project'

The Florida Project is one of the most underrated and incredible films of 2017, showing the bleak life of six-year-old protagonist Moonee in Orlando.


'The Big Sick'

Seeing everything that real-life couple Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon went through will leave you heartbroken. But, thankfully, they have a happy ending that'll make you cry tears of joy, too.



This Best Picture winner will leave you in tears as you follow Chiron's harrowing yet magnificent story.



This period drama set in the '50s (based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning play of the same name) tells the heartbreaking story of an African American working-class family and the hardships they endure along the way.


'Good Dick'

Before GLOW, Marianna Palka made her feature film debut with Good Dick. The film tells the story of an unnamed woman who suffers from severe PTSD due to sexual abuse and finds love with a video clerk from who she rents soft-core porn.


'The Kite Runner'

Afghani immigrant Amir is riddled with intense guilt over abandoning his friend Hassan. The film features flashbacks that show how strong their bond was and the distressing events that followed.


'Fried Green Tomatoes'

Even though this classic is a comedic drama, it'll absolutely break your heart watching it as you follow Ruth, Idgie, Evelyn, and Ninny's lives.



Gabby Sidibe is now known for much more light-hearted roles and a hilarious Twitter, but she had her start with her heartbreaking role as Precious.


'Inside Llewyn Davis'

Oscar Isaac first came into our lives with his role in Inside Llewyn Davis as a folk singer who is desperately trying to make his dreams come true while dealing with the suicide of his musical partner.


'The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button'

This isn't your typical romantic drama, but will make you weep nonetheless. Benjamin Button ages backwards and once he finds the love of his life, he has to find a way to make it work as he grows younger.


'Dear Zachary: A Letter To A Son About His Father'

Filmmaker Kurt Kuenne's friend Andrew Bagby was murdered by his ex-girlfriend Shirley Turner after he decided to end the relationship. But soon after, Turner found out she was pregnant with Bagby's child. Turner eventually killed their child Zachary in a murder-suicide years after murdering Bagby, but Kuenne had spent years making a documentary with interviews with those who knew Bagby the best to show Zachary in the future. It's one of the most painful yet heartwarming documentaries you'll see.


'Short Term 12'

Even though the film's star Brie Larson said in an interview with Vulture that Short Term 12, about a facility for troubled teenagers, isn't sad in the conventional way, it's still a good movie to cry to.

If you need a good sob, any of these movies will be an excellent choice.