The 20 Best 'Bachelor' Nation Podcasts For All The Behind-The-Scenes Details You Missed

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The only thing more fun than watching The Bachelor is talking about it. Being a fan of the reality franchise is truly an all-encompassing experience that goes beyond just watching a reality TV show. Contestants are now extremely active on social media and many of them have their own podcasts. The best podcasts of Bachelor Nation show the alums personality — and come with an equal helping of behind-the-scenes details you probably didn't know.

Some podcasts are hosted by former cast members, who can provide some insight based on similar situations they experienced while filming. As fun as it would be to hang out with Bachelor alums and talk about the show once a week, it's not possible (at least for most fans), but listening to the podcasts is a great way to feel like you're hanging out with Bachelor Nation from the comfort of your own home or car. A few of the podcasts even take listener questions and let fans call in to talk to the hosts in real time. Other Bachelor podcasts are hosted by Bachelor experts who catch anything you may have missed and provide humorous commentary.

No need to worry trying to pick from the many podcasts that cover the shows in the Bachelor franchise. In no particular order, these are the Bachelor podcasts you need to listen to.

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