The 3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Stand You Up On A Zoom Date

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After choosing the perfect Zoom background, coming up with a few topics of conversation, and making sure your dog is nearby for some emotional support, the last thing you want is for a date to fall through. It happens a lot, especially when folks are talking to multiple people at once. And yet, if you just so happen to be meeting with one of the zodiac signs most likely to stand you up on a virtual date, the chances for this type of letdown increase immensely.

These aren't the people who are going to let you know their plans have changed, and that they need to reschedule. These are the ones who will express excitement for sending that Zoom invite right up till the last minute, only to seemingly fall off the face of the planet moments later. Instead of spending the evening getting to know each other as you had hoped, you'll spend it staring at your laptop, and wondering what the heck happened.

Online dating is tough, and disappointment abounds. There just isn't the same accountability when chatting from your separate living rooms, as opposed to meeting up in real life. And while some zodiac signs are great at virtual dating and are able to look past that, others will find themselves distracted and pulled away by the many other options available. For the signs listed below, that can mean forgetting they even had plans, and not showing up for your date.

Gemini (May 21 — June 20)

As an air sign, Geminis tend to change their minds (and their plans) in the blink of an eye. And that means they're likely to quickly replace your Zoom date with another date — or do something else entirely with their evening — and not even think twice about it.

Geminis talk a big game and unfortunately don't always mean what they say, so don't blame yourself for misreading the situation or getting your hopes up. Their main goal when meeting new people online is to be witty and flirty — not necessarily to forge a deep connection, or solidify plans for a Friday night.

Even though you've been having great conversations, and the stories have flowed freely, that doesn't always add up to commitment for a Gemini, in the same way it would for other signs.

Leo (July 23 — Aug. 22)

One quality Leos are particularly well-known for is their near-constant desire for attention. So even if it seems like you've been growing close, chances are they've been chatting with tons of other people, and connecting just as intensely with them.

For Leo, online dating is a smorgasbord of possibility. They love matching with new people and dancing to the sound of texts and messages rolling in. And as a result, that often means they're too busy and preoccupied to keep their social calendar straight.

They don't mean to leave you hanging. Leo just isn't always the best at relaying information to their dates when something else comes up. Think of them like a magpie, always chasing the next exciting, shiny thing. And in the process, forgetting to let you know they can't make a date.

Libra (Sept. 23 — Oct. 22)

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and thus can be found all over dating apps trying to find a match. But since they're an air sign, they can have a "detached" quality, which usually means they don't stick with one person for long.

Libra's heart is in the right place, so they will be genuinely excited about your date. They just aren't the most consistent sign of the zodiac, and often allow themselves to get distracted. They are incredibly charming, after all, and often have a ton of people vying for their attention. It can make standing out in their feed a little bit difficult.

While it never feels good to get stood up — even if it's virtually — try not to take it personally if one of these signs leaves you hanging. There are plenty of other folks out there who will be just as invested as you are, and will be more than happy to meet up (as scheduled) for a great first date.

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