The 4 Best Décolleté Creams

By Marissa DeSantis

You can have a 10-step skin care routine in place to rival any K-beauty buff, but if you're not applying a décolletage cream, too, you're not being as skin-savvy as you might think. Incorporating one of the the best décolleté creams into your routine is just as important as using face creams and serums because similarly, the neck and chest are delicate areas of your body that lose elastin and collagen earlier.

These areas are just as susceptible to sun damage, too, which is why it's also important to apply SPF to your face and neck (and any other area that's exposed to the sun) daily to prevent signs of sun damage.

Much like with night creams, when looking for a décolleté cream, you want to choose a formula that contains a mix of moisturizing and repairing ingredients. Some of the most popular and effective ingredients to look for include retinol, which helps with everything from accelerating skin cell turnover and increasing collagen production to minimizing pigmentation from sun damage.

Other beneficial ingredients include growth factors and peptides to help boost elasticity and collagen; hyaluronic acid, a heavy-duty hydrator that draws moisture to the skin; and ceramides, which help protect your skin and fortify its natural moisture barrier. Of course, if you're headed outdoors, you'll also benefit from a décolleté cream that contains an SPF of 30 or higher.

To give your neck and chest the skin care attention they deserve, try adding one of the décolleté creams featured below into your daily routine.