These 7 Documentaries On Amazon Prime Will Change The Way You Look At The World

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One thing to emerge from the streaming era is the fact that audiences really do love a good documentary. In recent years, documentaries from all genres have captured the imagination of viewers around the world, as seen with the release of Netflix crime docs such as Making A Murderer and The Ted Bundy Tapes, and real-life accounts including Hulu's Fyre Fraud. However, it's worth remembering that there are multiple streaming services out there, each of which have their own unique selection of shows available. So, to broaden your documentary horizons, I've listed the best documentaries on Amazon Prime, because this service boasts a staggering amount of docs for your enjoyment.

As we all know, its quality, not quantity that we look for when deciding on which shows to invest our time in — and thankfully, Prime has plenty top-notch documentaries just waiting to be explored by their users. The platform's selection covers a wide-range of topics including true-life stories, politics, in-depth crime, social issues, fashion, celebrity, and much more. And more specifically, this list will showcase stories including the harrowing tale of two sons in search of a missing mother, a behind-the-scenes look at one of the biggest stars in music, and explore the deep rooted history of America's civil rights movement.

'Missing Mom'

This gripping documentary follows the story of two sons who set out to find their mother, who has been missing for over 25 years. The heartbreaking film will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout, and is a must-see for any mystery-lovers out there.

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'I Am Not Your Negro'

The Oscar-nominated I Am Not Your Negro addresses race issues in the United States. The documentary spans all the way back to the civil rights movement, right up to the modern-day Black Lives Matter campaign. This Raoul Peck-directed film will likely change your whole perspective on race. A must watch.

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This documentary by Oscar-winning filmmaker, Kevin Macdonald, offers viewers an intimate look inside the often troubled life of Whitney Houston. The film goes beyond the tabloid headlines, and displays Houston and her family in a new, revealing light, which even her most adoring fans might have missed during the peak of her legendary career.

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'Sunshine Hotel'

Sunshine Hotel sees filmmaker Michael Dominic take an in-depth look inside one of the last remaining "flophouses" on New York City's skidrow. The Sunshine Hotel acts as an affordable refuge for those in need, and this doc gives viewers insight into what life is like for those who are being wiped away due to gentrification.

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'The Disappeared'

This powerful documentary tells the story of those who were killed, and secretly buried bu the IRA during the "troubles" of Northern Ireland. The film also uncovers shocking evidence which suggests that significant figures of the era may have had knowledge of one of the killings.

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'Room 237'

Stanley Kubrick's horror classic The Shining is expertly dissected throughout Room 237. The documentary explores the many theories which surround the original movie, and although decades have passed since its release, those passionate about the Kubrick masterpiece continue to engage in debate and speculation about the 1980's horror.

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'Misery Loves Comedy'

Over fifty modern-day comedy legends each share their perspective on whether or not you have to be miserable to be funny. Misery Loves Comedy sees the comedic stars examine their own body of work, and share exactly what inspires their line of comedy in an attempt to answer this age old question.

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