The 7 Best Rom-Coms On Netflix UK In 2019, Because There's Nothing Worse Than Settling For A Dud


With Valentines Day right around the corner, now seems like the perfect time to enjoy a good old romantic comedy. Whether you're spending a comfy evening in with your significant other, or curling up on the sofa alone with a glass of chardonnay, there are tonnes of fantastic rom-coms out there to be enjoyed. If you're struggling to find the perfect romantic flick, you really shouldn't look any further than Netflix, which currently boasts an impressive selection in the genre. To save you some time, I've taken it upon myself to list the best rom-coms on Netflix UK in 2019 for your viewing pleasure, and hopefully save you the headache of scrolling through the vast amount of options — which can often times take longer than actually watching the movie itself.

The streaming service offers a wide range of classics, including iconic '80s and '90s gems like When Harry Met Sally and My Best Friends Wedding, as well as modern releases like Crazy Stupid Love and Along Came Polly. However, its worth nothing that some are indeed better than others, so to avoid any disappointment, you need to know exactly which rom-coms to invest in. So grab your heart-shaped chocolates and get ready to enjoy what Netflix UK has to offer.