The 7 Best Positions For Valentine's Day

by Courteney Larocca
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Valentine's Day tends to be a time where couples amp up their dating game and go all out on the romantic gestures — making it the perfect day to also step it up in the bedroom. And according to the just-released 2017 Millennial Sex Survey by SKYN Condoms, V-Day is all about getting laid. The survey, which studied over 3,000 participants between the ages of 18 and 34, found that 68 percent of Millennials report having sex on Valentine’s Day. Those are some pretty good odds for getting it on, so you might as well have something sexy up your sleeve.

Seriously, the holiday only lasts 24 hours and if you want to use that time wisely, you should head into the bedroom already knowing which sex positions reign supreme on Valentine's Day. (And for the 32 percent who aren't partnering up, solo on Single's Awareness Day is a great alternative).

Whether you decide to have a quickie before you leave your apartment for your evening out, or you're waiting until after dessert, there are plenty of positions that will make you and your partner really feel the love. And hey, if you and your partner decide to skip the fancy dinner and spend the day locked away in your bedroom, more power to you. Here are the seven best sex positions for Valentine's Day:


Modified Missionary

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How to do it: For this position, start in missionary — OK, I know. Hear me out. From here, bend your knees, and lift your hips up for more contact between both of your pelvises. Wrap your legs around your partner's back if you want to pull them even closer towards you.

Why it's great for Valentine's Day: Like chocolate on Valentine's Day, missionary is a classic. This position gives you everything you love about the traditional style: not only is it mad intimate, but making out basically comes with the territory. And modifying missionary means you're also getting clitoral stimulation, which is an even sweeter treat.


The Sofa Brace

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How to do it: Position yourself how you would for traditional doggy style, but do so while draping yourself over the side of a couch. Once you're positioned comfortably, have your partner come in from behind.

Why it's great for Valentine's Day: This position is the perfect combination of comfortable and adventurous. It takes what you love about traditional doggy style, but brings you out of the bedroom, so you can embrace the spirit of V-Day all over your apartment.



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How to do it: Spread your legs slightly as you lean against the wall. Once you're steady (lifting one leg up can help), guide your partner inside of you. And remember: lube is your friend.

Why it's great for Valentine's Day: It's perfect for whatever V-Day situation you find yourself in. Whether you're getting it on in the shower with your long-term partner or just looking to try something new with a one-night stand, standing sex will be a fun challenge that you'll remember until February 14 rolls back around next year.


X Marks The Spot

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How to do it: Have your partner stand facing you while you lie on your back. Cross your legs and rest them against their chest.

Why it's great for Valentine's Day: This one probably isn't in your normal rotation of sex positions. But Valentine's Day is all about embracing your partner, so why not do so in a new way. And when I say embrace, I mean it — this position is not only a tight fit, but it provides a great view for both of you.


From Behind

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How to do it: It's like doggy style, but your hands do all the work. Fingering, clit play, and toys are all fair game with this position.

Why it's great for Valentine's Day: This position can work for literally any couple and it's a great way to try stimulation with different toys and angles. Embrace this holiday with some experimenting in the bedroom.



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How to do it: Once your partner is comfortably sitting cross-legged, slowly clime on top and lower down onto them. Gently wrap your arms and legs around them as if you're giving them a full body hug.

Why it's great for Valentine's Day: It's intimate, close, and perfect for both dirty talk or romantic moments. It's also not a position that tends to happen naturally, so it'll be a nice departure from your sex standards.


Face To Face

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How to do it: Make sure your pelvis is higher than your partner's, then cuddle up close and lift one leg up and over them. Be patient while trying to find the right positioning.

Why it's great for Valentine's Day: It's great for deep penetration, but it also allows the face-to-face intimacy that missionary is known for. It's a great way to slow down and focus on you and your partner, which is what this holiday is all about.

Valentine's Day is a perfect time to build intimacy with your partner and try something new. Incorporating a new sex position on February 14 may be exactly what you need to make this holiday unforgettable.