These $10 Leggings Have 5,000+ Positive Reviews On Amazon (Plus 8 Others Reviewers Love)


As far as fashion goes, I'm thankful to live in a time when leggings are in style. They're soft, comfortable, and so versatile that they can be worn almost anywhere. And if you love leggings as much as I do, then it's smart to stock up — which is where Amazon comes in. While Amazon may be known for being a one-stop shop for gadgets and home goods, it also has a ton of leggings for every size, style, and price point. So, where do you start when searching for the best leggings on Amazon?

When shopping online you lose the benefit of being able to actually touch or feel the item before you buy it, let alone try something on, so it's important to look at the material, construction, and customer reviews. First, you'll want your leggings to be made of fabrics like polyester, cotton, spandex, elastane, or rayon. These will provide the maximum amount of softness, stretch, and comfort.

Next, think about the waistband. You don't want it to be too tight, but you also want to make sure it keeps your pants up so that you don't have to adjust them all day. Reading the reviews can be a great way to see what people are saying about how well they stay in place.

Lastly, think about where you will be wearing them. Are you looking for a pair of leggings for lounging around at home? Or do you need something you can wear to work or for a night out with friends? How about a pair to keep you dry during high-intensity workouts?

To help pair you with your perfect match, I've put together a list of the best leggings on Amazon and organized them into three categories (casual, dressy, and athletic), so you can easily find the right option for whatever you have on your agenda.

The Best Casual, Everyday Leggings

These comfy options are the best for everyday wear. Made with cozy fabrics like cotton, polyester, and spandex, they can easily be dressed up or dressed down, depending on your plans.

  • Breathable Cotton Leggings With A Flexible Fit:

What makes them great: Made from almost 100 percent cotton, these soft and cozy women's leggings are perfect for casual wear, whether that's lounging around the house, running errands, or hanging out with your friends. They have an elastic waistband that prevents them from sliding down, but it doesn't feel too tight or restrictive. On top of that, they're machine-washable, making them super easy to care for.

What fans say: "These are THE BEST leggings I've ever found. I've tried so many different brands that either fit weird or off, the material is not good or just not worth it. These HUE cotton leggings fit great, look great, and they're super comfortable."

Available sizes: X-Small to XXX-Large

  • A Pair Of $10 Leggings With More Than 5,000 Positive Reviews On Amazon:

What makes them great: It's not just the affordable price tag that makes these leggings noteworthy — the fabric is what really earned these leggings thousands of glowing reviews on Amazon. The material — which is a blend of polyester and spandex — has a soft, fuzzy finish that is almost similar to peach skin and it's what makes these leggings so comfortable. They are available in 22 different colors, however, they are only available in two sizes: "one size" which fits sizes small through large and "plus size" which fits sizes extra large through triple-extra large.

What fans say: "Holy crap, these leggings are amazing. Without exaggeration, they are the most comfortable item of clothing I've ever put on my body."

Available Sizes: Standard and Plus Size

  • A Value-Pack Of Stretchy Tights In Multiple Colors:

What makes them great: These extra-stretchy, casual women's leggings feature a firm elastic waistband and are constructed with a blend of polyester and spandex, making them soft and flexible. The versatile style makes them as ideal for walking around town or going to brunch as they are for cozy nights at home. Best of all, they come in a six-pack with dozens of color options. Just one note: some reviewers say they are slightly long, so depending on your height, you may need to get these hemmed for the best fit.

What fans say: "Great leggings. These are so soft and comfortable that I would wear them everywhere if I could. The colors are great. I ordered the regular size that states it fits sizes small to large. It does. I wear a size 12 jeans in name brands. Fits perfectly."

Available sizes: Small to XXXX-Large

The Best Dressy Leggings For Work And Going Out

These sleeker tights are great for dressier occasions, such as work, date night, or happy hour. They have a more structured look, yet they're just as comfortable as you'd expect leggings to be.

  • Ponte Knit Leggings Available In Short, Regular, And Tall Sizes:

What makes them great: There is a lot to love about these ponte knit leggings — from the price tag to the incredible range in sizing (not only do they have plus-size and standard sizing, they also have tall and short sizes). But what makes these leggings a worthy addition to your work wardrobe is a combination of the thick, ponte knit fabric, the front seaming, and the addition of back pockets — all of which make these leggings look a bit more like pants without sacrificing the comfort-factor.

What fans say: "I bought the gray pants after falling in love with my black pair. These strike the perfect balance of being leggings while looking like actual pants."

Available sizes: X-Small - XX-Large (Short, Regular, and Tall)

  • Pants That Look Like Trousers And Feel Like Leggings:

What makes them great: These versatile dress leggings look like slacks but feel like your comfiest pair of casual leggings. They're made with a mix of polyester, rayon, and spandex that offers plenty of stretch, as well as soft, silky comfort. Unfortunately, they're only available in one-length, but they do come in three color choices and are fully machine-washable.

What fans say: "These pants are the staple in my closet. With a black shirt and a different jacket, this is my 'work-uniform'. They fit well, wash and dry easily and I'm going to be lost if Rafaella quits making them."

Available sizes: 4 to 16

  • Faux-Leather Leggings For Going Out

What makes them great: Not only are these cute going-out leggings made from incredibly soft faux leather, but they're also super stretchy. They're designed with a comfy, elastic waistband and a high waist for an especially on-trend look. Even better: they're available in an extra-wide range of sizes, so you're likely to find a good fit.

What fans say: "LOVE! Great quality and fit. They are very curve-hugging and look amazing with sweaters for the winter season. Professional enough for work (when dressed up) and hubby loved them for date night! I got tons of [compliments] and even had a coworker ask for the link to purchase. Highly recommend!!"

Available sizes: X-Small to XXXX-Large

The Best Athletic Leggings For Working Out

These leggings are specifically designed for running, biking, aerobics, or other high-energy cardio activities. They're made with moisture-wicking materials that will keep you dry and comfortable during workouts.

  • Moisture-Wicking Tights With Anti-Odor Technology:

What makes them great: As far as workouts go, these lightweight exercise leggings are among the best you can find. I've worn them myself and can say firsthand that they're exceptionally comfortable, with flat-lock seams and four-way stretch construction (aka no chafing). The flexible material, which is a blend of polyester and elastane, moves freely with your body, yet the leggings still manage to stay up without sagging. In addition to that, the fabric is anti-microbial and moisture-wicking, so if you're sweating a lot or jogging in the rain, they won't leave you feeling damp or sticky.

What fans say: "Best workout leggings ever. I work out 6 days a week, and do everything from spinning to running to weights; these feel practically naked for all workouts, do not budge or slip, keep me relatively dry, and look great."

Available sizes: X-Small to XX-Large

  • The Best Capri Leggings For Working Out:

What makes them great: If you prefer capris and cropped leggings this pair ticks all the boxes. They're made with a polyester-spandex blend, they're moisture-wicking, and they have flat-lock stitching, four-way stretch, and a wide waistband — not to mention they're just $16 and reviewers love them. They also come in 12 colors and prints including olive, burgundy, gray, camo, and floral.

What fans say: "I love these capris! They were just what I was looking for - light compression, wide comfortable waistband, and the fabric isn't too shiny."

Available sizes: X-Small to XX-Large

  • High-Performance Leggings With A Hidden Back Pocket:

What makes them great: Constructed with a polyamide-elastane blend, these high-quality workout leggings are another fantastic selection for working out. The quick-drying fabric wicks moisture from the inside and transports it to the outer layer of the material to evaporate faster. They have a high waist and comfy, four-way stretch material. Made with a convenient back pocket, they're machine-washable and come in five color choices, too.

What fans say: "I love the design and the texture. The biggest thing I love is that they stay up when I run. It's hard to find leggings that don't fall down when I run but these never sag and I don't have to constantly pull them up. They have a compression-like feel to them but they aren't too tight or restrictive."

Available sizes: X-Small to XXX-Large

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