The 9 Best Pieces Of Dating Advice From Your Mom That You Should Actually Listen To

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

Your mom's dating advice may not always seem that relevant, but there may be more to her comments than you think. While maybe not everything about her dating life can apply to yours, there are some important things to listen to from her end. In the end, old-fashioned dating advice from your mom may actually be able to help you get what you want in love. Of course, you don't want to mimic everything about dating in previous generations, but as you turn away from anything "old-fashioned," you may miss some sage pieces of advice that are actually relevant.

"In terms of dating, young people can learn a lot from their baby boomer parents that will actually help them to become better daters and be able to discover what behavior is unacceptable from their dates," relationship expert and spiritual counselor Davida Rappaport, tells Bustle. So if you've been ignoring advice just because it's coming from your mom, maybe now is the time to listen up.

While your mom might still be stressed out by the mere thought of dating apps, she might have some advice up her sleeve that can still apply in the world of modern romance. You just have to listen closely. Here are nine dating tips from your mom you might want to actually take.