Even Die-Hard Taylor Swift Fans Haven't Heard These Crazy Theories

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Despite how much time Taylor Swift spends in the public eye — whether she's performing live, promoting new projects, or simply living her life as a regular human being — you can count on the Internet to turn her entire life into a riddle, forming Taylor Swift conspiracy theories that sometimes warrant head-scratching. And the most recent theory is in regards to her highly-anticipated, but yet-to-be-announced, sixth album. Last week, social media pretty much had a meltdown after the 1989 singer wiped her social accounts clean, leading some to believe that she's gearing up for the release of her first album in almost three years.

After deleting all of her previous photos, the 27-year-old returned to Instagram on Monday and posted a cryptic video of what appears to be a snake. No context has been given to the post but you know how the internet works. Her decision to post this just ahead of Monday's solar eclipse lead many a fan to believe that TS6 will be called "Eclipse." And if you think theories surrounding a potential new album are crazy, just wait until you read some of the craziest Taylor Swift fan theories of all time.

Hiddleswift Was A Publicity Stunt

There are a few different reasons why fans weren't buying Swift's relationship with Tom Hiddleston. Some thought that the two had a music video in the works, and others grabbed onto the idea that she was using the relationship as a way to distract everyone from the Kimye leaked recording fiasco. No matter what theory anyone believes, Hiddleston has since confirmed that there was nothing fake about his relationship with the "Wildest Dreams" singer.

She Was Once Carried Out Of Her NYC Apartment In A Suitcase

You can stop rubbing your eyes now, because you definitely read that one right. Thanks to Spin1038, rumors circulated back in July that Swift was carried out of her apartment in a large suitcase moved by "almost a dozen Taylor Swift security guards." Needless to say, Twitter definitely had a field day with that one.

She's In The Illuminati
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To be fair, Taylor Swift joins just about every other A-list celebrity on the list of people that the general public believes is in the Illuminati. Her spot on the list comes from the explanation she once gave MTV about her personal connection to the number 13, a number that theorists claim has Satanic bloodlines.

That Infamous VMA Moment Was Her Initiation Into The Illuminati
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Apparently one way of being initiated into the mysterious group is to be publicly humiliated, which is why some think that this moment was planned all along.

She Has An Evil Twin Who Lives In Japan

Let the Internet's discovery of an old Japanese McDonald's commercial back in 2008 be your proof of why it remains undefeated. The commercial features a young woman in a red wig who bears a freakishly bizarre resemblance to Taylor Swift. According to the theory, Swift banished this "twin" and sent her off to Japan because she didn't want her evil nature to get in the way of her career.

She Voted For Donald Trump To Spite Katy Perry
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Throughout the most recent election cycle, many fans and social media users were quick to call out Taylor Swift for not disclosing which candidate she was supporting. Her decision to be non-vocal about her political leanings lead lots of theorists to believe that she was in support of Donald Trump, though some people took things a step further by claiming that Swift supported the controversial candidate just because Katy Perry was a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton.

She Has No Belly Button
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The girl loves her high-waisted bottoms. This staple in her wardrobe once caused lots of folks out there to believe that she never showed her navel area because she was missing a belly button. Of course, her many beach photos (that have now been deleted from her Instagram) obviously debunk this myth.

Her Legs Are Insured For $40 Million
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When you really think about it, doing something like this doesn't seem all that outrageous since anything can happen when you're a performer. Still, the reports on this theory just aren't true.

She's The Reincarnated Leader Of A Satanic Cult
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The level of ridiculousness here shouldn't even have to be explained, but some people began thinking that Swift is a reincarnation of a woman who was once the High Priestess of the Church of Satan because of their resemblance. It's a bit of a stretch, to say the least.

While most of these theories are completely ridiculous, it almost makes you wonder just what crazy things the internet will come up with next.