The 9 Most Common Myths Sex Therapists Hear

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

Few of us learn much about sex in school or from our families, so instead, we grow up taking in a bunch of myths about sex either from porn, from the media, or from people around us who are just as uneducated. By the time people end up going to sex therapy, these myths have often caused problems in their relationships. So, sex therapists perhaps know better than anyone else what myths are out there that need debunking.

"Basic anatomy and sexual health information is severely limited amongst many clients, which dramatically impacts intimacy," Angie Gunn, LCSW, sexuality expert at Talkspace, tells Bustle. "How long does it take the female genitals to become erect/engorged and aroused? Can a non-erect penis reach climax? Where is the G-spot and what is squirting? These and many more important questions speak to a lack of basic sexuality education and information that can dramatically improve sex."

I asked sex therapists about the biggest sex myths their clients bring into their offices. Here are their responses, as well as some information that will hopefully correct these misconceptions and help people base their sex lives on accurate information. Knowledge is power, as they say — and it's also necessary for a great sex life.