This Is The Best Career For You Based On Your Zodiac Sign


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The effect the 2017 solar eclipse had on emotions was definitely intense. I, for one, spent the whole day being aggravated without any reason to be aggravated. But no matter how you did or didn't feel, the reality was there: we're made up of the same components of the stars. Because that's the case, our astrological sign plays a role all throughout our lives, from who we're romantically compatible with to our most annoying personality traits. Astrology even plays a role in the careers that are the best fit for us.

"The pull of the Zodiac on each of us and our individual choices is unmistakable," psychic medium Imelda Green tells Bustle. "Even the most hardcore cynic will struggle to deny the effect the Zodiac sign has on the path a person takes in terms of their career. Personally I have yet to see a person that has not been obviously influenced by the power of their Zodiac sign at some point in their career decision making process."

So if you're looking for a new job, because the one you have isn't as fulfilling as you want it to be, here's the career that might be a better fit for you, based on your sign.

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Career: Entrepreneur or CEO

Aries doesn't care to be second in command. In fact, the need to constantly be on top of things makes you ideal for any job that puts you in a managerial position. It doesn't get higher up than CEO

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Career: Lawyer

Notoriously stubborn and craving stability (and financial stability, too), there really is no greater career option for Taurus than a lawyer. Have you ever met a lawyer that wasn't looking to win an argument? I know I haven't.

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Career: Teacher

Gemini's dual personality allows for a flexibility that other signs just don't have — not to mention a boatload of creativity, too. These two aspects make for a great teacher. You need to be flexible AF to deal with kids, and creativity definitely helps.

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Career: Social worker or childcare specialist

Those born under the Cancer sign love to nurture and watch things grow. Because of this a career in which you get to "mother," so to speak, is a career that will fill that need and in which you'll excel.

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Career: Performer

Whether it's acting, dancing, modeling, or being the lead singer in a band, Leo has an energy that's made for performance. For Leo, putting your image out there to be digested by the masses will give your life the meaning you need to experience.

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Career: Editor or private investigator

The meticulous nature of Virgo means you like to get in there, rummage around in the details, and only come up for air when you've taken the pieces and made something great. While there are lots of careers that would be a fit for this aspect of your personality, investigating or editing are definitely on the top of the list.

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Career: Salesperson or diplomat

As astrologer and author Lisa Allen tells Bustle, "[Libras] can sell anything to anyone, even if they don't need it." That being said, something in sales or diplomacy is your best bet. Might as well put those selling skills to work.

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Career: Therapist or surgeon

Not only are Scorpios intense, but you want to feel and experience things on a deeper level than most. Although this is an admirable trait, it also makes you prime for a career that's basically 24/7. So if you're exhausted at that thought, you might want to double check with your mom if you were really born between Oct. 23 and Nov. 21.

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Career: Travel agent

Sagittarius wants to be in charge and travel the world. Although these two characteristics might seem a bit hard to fill, if you can wiggle your way into being a travel agent, self-employed ideally, you're likely to be a very happy camper.

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Career: Physicist or other science-related specialist

The ambition you feel as a Capricorn transcends to the fact that you want to make a big impact and have it resonate forever. If you're feeling like you want to cure a disease or create something that will revolutionize life as we know it, godspeed. The world needs people like you, Capricorn.

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Career: Pilot or rockstar

Aquarius individuals need to be free. You can't be tied to an office desk or a cubicle. You'll be happiest far away from the conventionality that everyone around you prefers.

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Career: Artist

Pisces is bubbling with a need to pursue the arts. Of course being an artist comes in many forms — hair stylist, painter, photography, cosmetologist — so it's up to you to decide which is the one that satisfies your creative needs.

Although there are exceptions to every rule, and not everyone identifies with their sign (get your chart read if that's you!), if you're just not feeling it with your current job, then it's worth considering what might be a better fit for you. If you're going to spend a third of your life at work, you might as well make it count.