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The lack of LGBTQ representation in film and television continues to highlight the need for more inclusivity within the mainstream arts. Thankfully, over the past couple of decades, things have begun to shift in the right direction, and many in the LGBTQ community have had a profound impact on some of our favourite movies and TV shows. With more influence in these industries, comes more authentic stories from the people at the heart of this community. So, here are the best LGBTQ films and TV shows on Amazon Prime UK, because there are plenty of brilliant options in this genre to enjoy on the streaming platform.

With an abundance of critically-acclaimed movies, gripping documentaries, and award-winning television shows, Amazon Prime's impressive library proves just how far LGBTQ representation in film and TV has come. However, darker themes including violence, bullying, and murder, continue to dominate much of the community's on-screen visibility. Although these stories are indeed worth telling, many of the following releases buck the trend, and brilliantly portray LGBTQ romance, friendships, eccentricity, and more.

To give any of you indecisive-types out there a nudge in the right direction, I've selected some top-notch LGBTQ content currently available on Amazon Prime UK — and all you have to do is sit back, relax, and let the streaming commence.



Based on Deb Shoval's short film of the same name, the 2016 romantic drama AWOL centres around a young woman named Joey, who resides within a small all-American town. Whilst searching for a new direction in life, Joey stops by an Army recruitment office, which she hopes will lead to some form of a fresh start. However, after meeting and falling in love with another woman, Joey's journey takes a turn that neither women could have ever anticipated.

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'My Trans Life'

My Trans Life / Amazon Prime UK

The 2014 reality series My Trans Life follows people from all walks of life during their transitions. The second season is presented in 10 bite-sized episodes, and follows participants as they undergo surgeries, embark on new, exciting relationships, and make journeys of self-discovery.

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The critically-acclaimed Tomboy tells the heartwarming story of 10 year-old Laure, who after moving to a new neighbourhood, becomes increasingly gender non-conforming. Taking on a new persona known as Mikäel, their relationships and place in the community begin to change. However, with a fresh school term on the way, and increasing pressures from friends and family, Mikäel struggles to reconcile external forces with what they feel inside. Watch on Amazon Prime UK



The Amazon original series Transparent revolves around the Los Angeles-based Pfefferman family as their lives change forever, following father Mort's decision to transition into a woman named Maura. Upon its 2014 debut, the award-winning U.S. series made quite the impression with audiences and critics alike, and Prime subscribers can enjoy all five seasons of the hit comedy-drama in their entirety.

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A LGBTQ youth centre in Tulsa, Oklahoma is the subject of the eye-opening 2015 documentary, Misfits. Situated within an extremely religious community, the OpenArms Youth Project welcomes in youngsters during their formative years — many of whom have made the brave decision to be open about their sexuality. However, the cost of being yourself can be high, and this insightful doc follows the centre's LGBTQ teens as they strive to live freely in a highly religious community.

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A refreshingly light depiction of LGBTQ relationships arrived in ITV's 2016 sitcom Vicious. The brilliant, but short-lived comedy is based around an elderly gay couple (Sir Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi), with a hilarious love-hate relationship that spans back over 50 years. In addition to the pair's never-ending banter, their lives now revolve around hosting an array of frequent guests — and complete with two of Britain's finest acting talents, this Amazon Prime offering is an absolute must-watch.

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Set in glamorous 1950s New York, Carol tells the tale of a forbidden affair, which occurs between a young female photographer and an older divorcée. Starring Academy Award-winner Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, this love against the odds story struck a cord with both audiences and critics upon its release, and with outstanding performances from the film's leading ladies, the LGBTQ drama unsurprisingly went on to sweep the 2015 awards season.

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'Drag Heals'

The monumental success of RuPaul's Drag Race has ushered the art of drag into the mainstream, and the reality TV phenomenon has gone from strength to strength ever since. However, drag enthusiasts might now be on the lookout for something a little different, and if thats the case for you, documentary series Drag Heals is well worth your time. The 5-part series follows a group of men as they unleash their inner-queens, and complete an intense drag-inspired training course with the aim of pulling off a show-stopping public performance.

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A love story between two college football players is at the centre of this 2015 drama. However, their budding romance is put in jeopardy when a past tragic event threatens to divide their respective families, who as it turns out, had first met years before.

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'Hey Qween!'

Along with sidekick Lady Red Couture, comedian Jonny McGovern spills the tea on all the hottest topics in the hilarious web-chat series Hey Qween!, during which the pair are joined by some of the biggest names from the world of drag and beyond.

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'Being Me'

Being Me delves into the daily realities of transgender youths, who through a string of insightful candid interviews, explain what life is like for young people who feel their biological gender doesn’t reflect who they really are.

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'Gay of Thrones'

The delightfully hilarious Jonathan Van Ness, who you might recognise from Netflix’s Queer Eye, offers his own unique, and indeed fabulous analysis of HBO’s Game of Thrones along with a lineup of celebrity guests.

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