9 Snow Day Sex Positions To Keep You Busy

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Now that it's officially winter, that means colder temperatures, and depending on where you live, lots and lots of snow. So what does one do when they're stuck inside on a snow day? Well, there are movie marathons, of course, which when accompanied by apple cider, hot chocolate, or spiked egg nog is always a great option. But you can only watch so many movies and Netflix shows before you go completely stir crazy and, if the roads are icy or public transportation isn't running, which is definitely a possibility when it's snowy and cold AF, then you really may be stuck at home for a bit. So then what? Sex; that's what.

If you're stuck inside on a cold, snowy day, you might as well make the most of it with your partner. Whoever said summer was the best season for sex was so wrong, because a snow day gives you an excuse to stay warm and plenty of time to try out all the sex positions you've been meaning to try. So where do you even start with your sex marathon? Here are nine sex positions, from modified doggy to sex in a chair, to help you do just that.


Modified Doggy

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How to do it: For this one, you can either start in the traditional doggy style position and lower yourself down, or just start on your stomach, while you partner gets on top of you.

Why it's great for snow days: Because doggy style is so great, it definitely needs to be included on a snow day. But the problem with traditional doggy style is that there's a space between your two bodies — something you don't want when it's cold AF and you want to be as cuddled up as possible. So modified doggy offers the deliciousness of doggy style, with the added warmth you want on a snow day.


The Cross

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How to do it: With your partner on their side, you want to angle yourself so you're perpendicular to them. Next, drape your legs over their hip, while the move inside you.

Why it's great for snow days: When it comes to lazy days where you have nothing to do, this position hits the spot. You can take your time enjoying the sensation of penetration without feeling like you're rushing anything. Hell, you could even watch a movie in this position.


Sofa Brace

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How to do it: Although you can drape your body over the side of the sofa, I recommend the back of the sofa, as it's better height wise for your partner. From here, have your partner penetrate you. It's basically doggy style, but with a couch.

Why it's great for snow days: If you're not in bed, watching all that snow come down, wishing you listened to your mom about always having spare canned goods for times like these, you're probably on the couch. And, as we all know, couches weren't made just for movie marathons.


Sideways 69

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How to do it: With both of you on your sides, but your heads and feet going in opposite directions, pull yourselves into each other and proceed to orally stimulate each other.

Why it's great for snow days: As someone whose nose is always cold, I can't think of a better way to warm it up on a snowy day than by giving my partner a blow job in the 69 position.



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How to do it: Have your partner sit on the floor (it's more stable than the bed), with their legs crossed. Then lower yourself into their lap and onto them, while wrapping your legs and arms around each other. This position is more about grinding and rocking back and forth, as opposed to in-out movements.

Why it's great for snow days: Well, look at it. Have you ever seen a sex position more made for snow days than lotus? It has the cuddle factor, the no-rush factor, and it just feels good to be locked in such an intimate position as the snow falls.



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How to do it: While on your sides, facing each other, drape your leg over your partner's hip so they can penetrate you.

Why it's great for snow days: Again, we have a cuddly position that feels really good. My partner and I like to call this position "slow mo," because there's no rushing and the sensation is intense. If you add some dirty talk to it, while looking into each other's eyes, this position just might become one of your most favorites.



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How to do it: If you're not already in the spooning position on a snow day, then get into it. Next, have your partner penetrate you from behind.

Why it's great for snow days: Honestly, the spooning position is great for all days, all weather, all temperatures — everything — but I'm biased, because it's one of my favorites. However, on snow days, because you're probably already in this position, complaining about the snow that just won't stop, you might as well pull off your pajamas and enjoy some really deep penetration during all that complaining.


In A Chair

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How to do it: Find a sturdy chair, then have your partner take a seat. Next, straddle them, facing them (on snow days, we face our partner when having sex on in chairs FYI), and proceed to grind up against them. This is going to be great for clitoral stimulation.

Why it's great for snow days: After hours in bed or on the couch, you just might want to try something else — and if you haven't broken-in those kitchen chairs yet, now's the time.



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How to do it: Although most of you might already know how to do missionary, I'll explain anyway just in case there are some newbies out there. Simply, you want to lay down on your back, with your legs parted a bit, while your partner climbs on top and penetrates you from there.

Why it's great for snow days: Missionary feels good, it's intimate, and it's great for snow days. There are also many variations of missionary to make it even better, so definitely give it a try as snowstorms keep us all trapped inside.

There you go — nine sex positions to get you through a winter storm this year. So, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... because you have things to keep you busy inside.