The Best 'Tiger King' Memes Are The Ones About Joe Exotic's Style


Netflix's latest true crime spectacular, Tiger King, has taken the internet by storm. The seven part docuseries follows Joe Exotic, the owner of a zoo in rural Oklahoma who is known to his fans as the self-proclaimed "tiger king." While Tiger King charts Exotic's years-long rivalry with Big Cat Rescue founder and animal-rights activist Carole Baskin, that's just one layer of this stranger-than-fiction story. Throughout the series the audience also watches as Exotic pursues a country music career, a failed presidential bid, and marriages to multiple men (and during one wedding, to two at once). He also becomes involved with a murder-for-hire plot, campaigns in a gubernatorial race, teams up with PETA, and at one point runs away from the zoo and his community.

It's Exotic's high jinks that are drawing audiences to the documentary — and also leading them to meme it, endlessly. Whether they're making fun of Exotic's eclectic style, Baskin's husband's mysterious "disappearance," or how we're all just barely hanging in there — like Exotic's eyebrow rings — people have had just as much fun engaging with Tiger King as they have watching it. Read on for the very best of the many, many Tiger King memes on the internet now.

On the sheer absurdity of the series:

On the big cat queen, Carole Baskin:

On Joe's lewks:

On how 'Tiger King' might be what saves us all:

On the series' real star — the cats: