Tyler, The Creator Just Proved His '90s Kid Cred

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There really is no end to the good Bill Nye has done for the world by spreading his love of science. Thanks to Netflix, the Science Guy will soon be back to educating and entertaining with Bill Nye Saves the World, and since every '90s kid knows the classic Bill Nye the Science Guy theme song by heart, the scientist knew his next series needed a song just as catchy. Nye did the only thing that made sense — he enlisted Tyler, the Creator to produce the Bill Nye Saves the World theme song.

OK, so Tyler may not be the first artist who comes to mind when you think of family-friendly theme songs, but the rapper grew up watching Nye, just like everyone else. In fact, from the video posted on Twitter, it seems clear Tyler and Nye have nothing but mutual respect for one another.

In the official clip from Netflix, when asked why he chose Tyler to create the theme song for Bill Nye Saves the World, Nye responded, "He's the man; he's got the beat."

Tyler looked pleased to receive praise from the man who taught him and his entire generation that science is both cool and essential. In the clip, the rapper reminiscences about watching the original series before his favorite cartoons on Saturday mornings, and how he used to be in awe of the way the show's set seemed to have no limits. There's no denying Tyler totally gets what Nye was trying to accomplish all those years ago, and he used his insights to create a song fit for a new generation of Nye devotees.

While the video only offers a tease of the new theme song, it already sounds amazing, and Nye promises Tyler slipped in a nod to the classic version. Tyler loved the original so much, he tells Nye in video, "The first one is really sick. I love the fast-pacedness of it. You take out that snare, it could be a house song."

However, the best part of Tyler and Nye's mutual admiration comes at the very end of the clip when Nye catches Tyler off-guard by saying, "I believe if I understand the use of this term, original gangstas." Tyler's face says it all.

Who says you shouldn't meet your heroes?