Watch ’Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Pay Homage To ‘Law & Order’ In This Noice Promo

A beloved newcomer to the NBC roster has paid homage to a classic NBC franchise like only it can. The network has released a fresh promo that imagines Brooklyn Nine-Nine as a Law & Order program, and yes, it is stuff of procedural fans' dreams. And just like those teasers that let Jake Peralta live out his Die Hard fantasy, this Law & Order-ified ad for B99 is top notch. The Season 6 premiere is still a couple of weeks away (Jan. 10 is so close yet so far), and things are already off to a noice start.

When Fox announced Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s cancellation on May 10, the show’s devoted fanbase took to the streets of the Twitterverse to express their heartbreak and ask networks and streaming services to consider making a rescue happen. Fortunately, the fifth season was not the end of the road for B99, and fortunately, fans did not have to wait long before the show's fate was revealed. One day after Fox gave it the axe, NBC scooped up the cop comedy. The Nine-Nine would be back on small screens before you could say "toit nups."

And now for a few important and relevant facts to chew on. B99 has called NBC its new home since this summer. The Law & Order franchise has called NBC its home since the 1990s. B99 and the Law & Order programs all depict the criminal justice system. B99 and Law & Order have diehard fandoms, and there is some fandom overlap. And finally, B99’s sendup of Law & Order is glorious.

Put all those facts together and what have you got? The Twitterverse clamoring for a Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit crossover, that is what.

How powerful is this promo, you wonder? For starters, it is changing minds regarding crossovers left and right.

Now, it is worth noting that there are some fans who are not totally on board with the crossover idea.

As many folks pointed out on Twitter, B99 star Andre Braugher played Frank Pembleton on Homicide: Life on the Street (and on the Law & Order and Homicide: Life on the Street crossover) and Bayard Ellis on Law & Order: SVU. So uh, a B99 and Law & Order crossover might complicate things?

But hey, maybe there is a way to make a Law & Order/Homicide: Life on the Street/Brooklyn Nine-Nine crossover work without disrupting the Law & Order universe.

Full. Circle.

Yes, good, OK. Very here for a long lost twin storyline. Problem solved.

For the love of Die Hard, for the love of John McClane, for the love of Nakatomi Plaza.

You had me at "Law & Order plus Brooklyn Nine-Nine," so yeah, it goes without saying that I am weeping tears of bliss at the thought of Olivia Benson and Rosa Diaz interacting.

You want to know if I'm excited for Jan. 10? *Very Law & Order scene transition sound effect.* Duh duh.