Bustle's Editors On Hillary Clinton + Labor Day Weekend

by Melissa Mills

I can barely believe it — August is nearly over and we're this close to Labor Day weekend, marking the unofficial end of summer. I don't know about you, but it feels like it was *just* Memorial Day and we were planning our backyard BBQs and picking out new bathing suits. Sigh.

With the long weekend around the corner, the Bustle Huddle is taking one last summer Friday and will be back after Labor Day. Before you head out for one last summer hoorah, here's what Bustle's editors were talking about today, Aug. 31:

Hurricane Harvey + A Chemical Plant

Harvey is finally moving out of Texas, but early Thursday morning the Arkema plant in Crosby, Texas exploded not once, but twice. Because the chemical plant's power went down due to the storm and flooding (and backup generators would not kick in), the chemicals stored there could not be kept cool and in a safe state.

Later on Thursday, Trump — who recently visited Texas but did not meet with any victims — tweeted that he saw Harvey's devastation "first hand"... except he definitely did not.

Do Your Part: Harvey is still moving to the northeast and many people still need your help. Consider donating to one (or more!) of these 9 local Texas organizations to help make a difference.

Lord of the Flies + Reboot

You're probably familiar with William Golding's 1954 dystopian novel Lord of the Flies. Heck, it was probably mandatory reading for you in school. Well, now two men — Scott McGehee and David Siegel — are working on and all-girls Lord of the Flies reboot and people are NOT happy. The argument? Not only is this all-female version being made by two men, it completely misses the point of the original. Golding himself said that the plot wouldn't work if it weren't all boys. Whatever your feelings, this project still seems to be moving forward.

Listen Up: According to Spotify, the official song of summer 2017 is the one track you hate to admit you really love.

Hillary Clinton + New Memoir

ICYMI: Bustle was lucky enough to receive an exclusive excerpt of Hillary Clinton's new memoir What Happened, out Sept. 12. Clinton's highly-anticipated new book will reveal what really happened during the 2016 election, but this excerpt specifically hones in on how young people can help in the fight against Trump.

If you're feeling deflated, this excerpt will energize you to resist.

Shopping Break: Labor Day's not until Sept. 4, but these are the best Labor Day 2017 fashion and beauty sales to shop starting tomorrow.

Vans + Karl Lagerfeld

The first look at Vans x Karl Lagerfeld is finally here and, well, fans are having mixed reactions. While some fans are just excited about the collaboration, others are finding the six black and white styles a little lackluster. The rest of the collection — which will go for $30-$300 — will be revealed on Sept. 7, so you can officially make up your mind then.

Calling All Beauty Lovers: Kylie Cosmetics is offering 20 perfect off every single product right now. Go stock up on your lip kits for fall!

Today's WTF Moment: A Georgia cop told a nervous white woman he pulled over "we only kill black people." Yes, seriously.

What to Watch: It's the last day of August, so here's the list of what's leaving and coming to Netflix in September. Enjoy!