Bustle's Editors On James Franco + Trader Joe's

by Erika Abdelatif

It's Thursday! Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel? Can you smell what the weekend is cooking? Friday is right around the corner and the weekend is within grasp, fam. Keep those chins up and spirits high. Let's finish the week strong!

Here's everything Bustle's editors were talking about Jan. 11:

James Franco + More Allegations

In an article published by the Los Angeles Times on Thursday, actor James Franco was accused of sexual misconduct and exploitative behavior by three more women, bringing the total number of allegations to five. On Wednesday night, James Franco made an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, marking his second late-night interview this week, and continued to deny the allegations, calling them "not accurate" and expressing support for the Times Up movement.

Need A Distraction? This clip of President Obama explaining his dance moves will warm your heart.

The Queen + Revealed Secrets?!

Talk about royal drama! According to the BBC, Queen Elizabeth fired the royal bra-fitter, Rigby & Peller, after the founder spilled secrets about the Royal Family in a new "tell all" book. Wow, I'm pretty sure nothing sounds more extra than a royal bra-fitting. Apparently the book features "decades of secrets" — including a section about the Queen half-naked in front of her corgis. Goals, much?? The book, Storm In A D Cup, is now available for purchase on Amazon.

Treat Yourself: Not feeling quite like royalty? This new mask, inspired by a product with a 20,000-person wait list, might be the luxurious boost you need.

Chrissy Teigen + Sophia The Robot

Um, so... apparently Chrissy Teigen is frenemies with Sophia the robot — yes, the robot who was granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia. It all started nearly a month ago when Chrissy threw shade at Sophia's makeup. The weirdest part? Sophia took *weeks* to craft her response. WTF?! Was Sophia stewing over the criticism? Was she sleeping on it? Do robots sleep? I don't have any answers, but if you ask me, getting into feuds with robots seems like a recipe for disaster.

Chrissy seems to have wrapped things up with Sophia — for now. Maybe they'll grab lunch soon?

New Trailer Alert: Taylor Swift dropped a trailer for her new video and fans can't get over her reunion with Ed Sheeran.

Trader Joe's + New Items

Stop everything. If you love Trader Joe's as much as I do, you're about to flip TF out. The go-to grocery store just announced they're dropping 5 new products in 2018 and they look delicious. I'm especially excited about these frosted sugar cookies because. Yum!

WTF: A new study found that the one thing that might lower stress hormones is the scent of your partner. So, if you're feeling stressed out, maybe go sniff their dirty pillowcase. What? It's science!

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