Bustle's Editors On Emojis + 'Game Of Thrones'

So much is happening today! There's a new trailer from our favorite HBO show, new emojis, and (potentially) a new baby joining the Kardashian family. What a great way to wrap up the middle of the week! So lets get into it — here's what Bustle's editors were talking about today, June 21:

Emojis + New Update

Do you feel like vampires truly represent your mood, always? Or maybe a playful dinosaur resonates with you more? Either way, now you can express your true self with the brand new emojis released today. They're going to elevate your texting game, your Instagram captions, and your entire existence really. Seriously, check them out (your mind will be blown... which, incidentally is, also another new emoji option).

ICYMI: Travis Kalanick is stepping down as Uber CEO. Over the last few months Uber has been embroiled in several scandals and faced sharp criticism over its company culture. But will Kalanick leaving fix Uber? That is uncertain, especially as last week a board member resigned after making a misogynistic comment in a meeting. It seems Uber is due for a serious upheaval.

Kim Kardashian West + Baby #3

North and Saint could soon have another sibling! People broke the story that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have are getting a surrogate and will be trying for another child.

Kardashian has struggled with pregnancy in the past, and that might be why she and Kanye are going down this route. There's been a lot of chatter (and criticism) about their decisions online so far. But in any case, congratulations may be in order for the Kardashian/West family.

Summer, Summer, Summertime: We are officially out of spring and into the season of beaches, BBQs, and sweat! Still, you've got to love the warm weather, and so we've the gathered the perfect collection of memes about summer to get you pumped for the HEAT.

Game Of Thrones + Season 7

Winter is coming! Today HBO dropped a new Game Of Thrones trailer for the upcoming season, and WOW! There's fire, ice, dragons, and epic battle scenes galore! There are boundless theories about where the show will go, and we've rounded up all the clues in the new GOT trailer that you might've missed. It seems that no one can wait for the penultimate season to premiere this July.

Update From Georgia: Republican Karen Handel won the special election in Georgia on Tuesday. This was a disappointing blow for Democrats, and will certainly inform their strategy for the 2018 midterms.

Nabra Hassanen + Memorial in D.C

As you already know, a 17-year-old Muslim girl, Nabra Hassanen, was murdered this past Sunday night. As it stands, Hassanen's murder is not being investigated as a hate crime by police.

While there has been a wave of compassion and solidarity shown towards her family and the Muslim community in the wake of this tragedy, today a memorial for Hassanen D.C was set on fire. Police are investigating the matter.

Violence against Muslims has been on the rise since Donald Trump took office. It is important that we rally against hate and bigotry; here's how you can support Hassanen's family.

Today's WTF Moment: We've got a really-not-fun fun fact for you today: Millennial women are worse off than their mothers when it comes to our wellbeing. Yeah... it's pretty horrifying.

What To Watch: Netflix, duh! Get over hump day by binge-watching everything leaving Netflix in July while you still can!