Bustle's Editors On Health Care + Baby Names

by Christine DiStasio

You're almost there, fam — it's finally Thursday, and the weekend is in sight. And, I don't know about you, but I'm just about ready for some rest and relaxation. Between breaking news, Kim Kardashian's surrogacy announcement, Bachelor news, and anticipating the eventual reveal of Beyoncé and JAY-Z's twins' names, this week has been a lot.

But, before you decide to check out for the weekend a day early, here's what had Bustle's editors talking today, June 22:

Senate Republicans + Health Care

On Thursday morning, a week away from a potential vote, Senate Republicans released the full text of the American Health Care Act draft. The bill, which underwent a name change and is now known as the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017, includes dramatically cutting Medicaid expansion and eliminates the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate that requires Americans to have insurance or pay a fine.

This is the first time the majority of the Senate has seen the bill, which could affect not only when it will be voted on, but also how likely it is to pass. The GOP needs 50 votes for the bill to pass, but still needs to pass a compromise between the House and Senate before heading to Trump's desk.

Badass Obama Moment of the Day: Obama released an official statement about the GOP's health care bill draft on Thursday afternoon that, unsurprisingly, was a strong message of unity.

Beyoncé + JAY-Z + Twins

While we still have no official information about Beyoncé and JAY-Z's twins, it's not stopping us from latching onto every little unconfirmed detail about their birth. After almost a week of waiting for news from the Carters, we might finally know the names of Beyoncé and JAY-Z's twins.

OK, fine, it's just a rumor — but, until we get any official statements, it's not a bad one to hitch your wagon to. It's rumored that Beyoncé and JAY-Z's twins' names are Sean and Bea Carter. Which, honestly, are totally surprising, even if they make a lot of sense.

I Went to Kim Kardashian's House: Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to go inside of Kim Kardashian's actual house where she lives? Well, you're in luck — Bustle's Fashion & Beauty Editor Sara Tan went to Kardashian's house to celebrate the launch of her new KKW Beauty line and, well, find out for yourself what it was really like.

Snapchat + Maps

Another day, another update to your favorite social media apps — Snapchat just launched Snap Maps. If you aren't already using the app's newest feature, here's what it does: Snap Maps helps you to see what's going on all over the world in real time. The maps also include weather and temperature details for the locations on the map so the possibilities for how you use it are endless.

<3 of the Day: This grown-ass man named Patrick Casey served as the flower girl at his cousin's wedding and the photos and reason why are so pure that it'll warm your cold, dark soul.

DeMario + Bachelor In Paradise

Earlier this week, the investigation into the allegations of misconduct during Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 filming concluded with Warner Bros.' statement that no evidence was found to substantiate the claims and that filming would resume. Which, of course, led fans to wonder who — if any — of the original Season 4 cast members would return to Mexico. According to reports, DeMario Jackson allegedly won't return for BiP Season 4.

Making a Murderer Update: On Thursday, it was announced that after almost 10 years behind bars, a federal court decided to uphold the decision that Brendan Dassey's confession was coerced and he will be released from prison.

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