Bustle's Editors On Pride + Health Care

by Melissa Mills

Happy Friday! What a week. Between hearing about Burger King's new Lucky Charms milkshake, waiting for updates about Beyoncé's twins, and the Senate's unveiling of a new health care bill draft (more on that later), summer is off to a busy start. But don't let that all of that craziness allow you to lose sight of one important fact: Old Navy's $1 flip-flop sale starts June 24. It's the little things, you guys.

Before you go into an online shopping frenzy, here's all the news you need to know today, June 23:

Health Care + You

On Thursday morning, Senate Republicans revealed the new health care bill draft, which is now called the "Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017." While Donald Trump claims he's confident the new health care bill will pass, former President Barack Obama slammed the legislation, calling for senators to "step back and measure what's really at stake" and vote against the bill.

So you know how politicians feel about it, but what does the new health care bill actually mean for you? Well, to put it simply, the new Senate health care bill would hurt millennial women. But you don't just have to sit there and accept it. Here's how to call your senator to protest.

Taking Things Too Far: Johnny Depp made a controversial joke about Donald Trump getting assassinated and, whether you like the president or not, it's not okay. (Depp has since apologized for the joke.)

Gorilla + Flashdance

It's been a long week, so you basically deserve this video of a gorilla dancing to "Maniac" Flashdance-style.

Let me rewind. An employee at the Dallas Zoo took a video of a gorilla playing in a pool and uploaded it to the Internet, and that's when the magic happened. How did we get so lucky to deserve such a viral video? #Blessed

WTF of the Day: Not even a week after a judge declared a mistrial in the Bill Cosby sexual assault case, the entertainer announced that he will hold seminars on how to avoid sexual assault accusations. Yes, really.

Summer '17 + Books

There's no better way to celebrate the official start of summer (which, ahem, was on June 21) than by updating your TBR with the very best eBooks and audiobooks of summer 2017, according to Scribd. Among the top-ranked on the list are books like Into the Water by Paula Hawkins, The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood, and The Art of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson. – so, basically, reads perfect for the beach or a weekend getaway. Get downloading ASAP!

Need-to-Know: Addicted to Snapchat? These are the 5 Snap Map hacks you need to know.

Pride + NYC

The annual NYC Pride Parade is happening this Sunday, June 26, and though it may look different from the very first parade in 1970, is still a celebration of LGBTQ community. Can't make it out to celebrate? There are some simple ways to show your support from wherever you are. Planning on attending a Pride parade this weekend? Here are some last-minute sign ideas, and here's what to wear.

What to Watch: Netflix's latest show, GLOW, is out today!

Weekend Plans: Here's exactly what you can expect this weekend, based on your zodiac sign.