Bustle's Editors On Ryan Seacrest + "Let Girls Learn"

Hello, hello! Happy May, everyone. It's insane that we're already beginning the fifth month of the year. A third of the way through 2017. So much has happened this year already (and certainly not all of it good), and things will likely only get crazier as time goes on.

And the first day of this new month had its fair share of news, that's for certain. Here's a recap of everything that got Bustle's editors talking today, May 1.

Kelly Ripa + Ryan Seacrest

It's about time. After a year without someone to fill Michael Strahan's spot, Kelly Ripa has picked Ryan Seacrest to be her co-host on the newly named Live With Kelly and Ryan! Seacrest has hosted before, so there's no doubt he'll be a good fit — but it's still a mystery how he'll find the time, considering how many jobs the host/producer/radio star/fashion designer already has.

OMG: This new photo of almost-two-year-old Princess Charlotte is ridiculously cute.

Donald Trump + "Let Girls Learn"

This is depressing. The Trump administration is ending Michelle Obama's "Let Girls Learn" program, which advocated for female education around the world through the Peace Corps and the United States Agency for International Development. And you thought The Handmaid's Tale was total fiction...

Quote Of The Day? "He was really angry that he saw what was happening with regard to the Civil War, he said, 'There's no reason for this.'" — Trump on Andrew Jackson... who, you know, died 16 years before the war began.

Beauty Icons + Huge Transformations

As part of Beauty IRL, a month-long project wherein Bustle pays tribute to readers' love of beauty and makeup, five real people got transformed into their beauty icons — and the results are amazing. After seeing the photos of these individuals as RuPaul and Bette Davis, among others, you'll be dying to transform yourself into whoever your idol is, too.

LOL: These seven charts show what being a beauty lover is really like — including all those red lipsticks you definitely own.

Bustle's American Woman Book Club + A New Pick

The newest pick for Bustle's American Woman Book Club is Tiffany D. Jackson's Allegedly, which is about a black woman convicted of murdering a white baby — but whose story is far more complicated than that. Get your copy ASAP so you can read along with the club, and don't forget to follow the discussion on Goodreads throughout the month.

Heads Up: These are the 15 best fiction books coming out in May. Get busy reading!

First Dates + What Not To Do

Over the weekend, Reddit users tackled one of the biggest questions of our time: What's the worst thing to do on a first date? You may not agree with all the answers (no talking about politics, ever?), but hearing different people's thoughts on the matter will definitely be enlightening.

Shopping Break: These are the 13 self-care products Oprah swears by, from a coloring book to a fitness tracker. Trust her.

Today's WTF Moment: It turns out that people used to think you could use cobras and pig liver to get rid of bad dreams. Thank goodness that fad passed.

What to Watch: The biggest fashion event of the year, the Met Gala, is tonight, so tune in to E! at 7:30 to see your favorite stars walk the red carpet.