This Is The #1 Topic Singles Are Most Tired Of Discussing On Dating Apps

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When it comes to online dating, not only is matching with someone key, but so is the conversation. In addition to conversation starters, conversation topics are just as critical, and there are certain conversation topics that daters are tired of talking about online.

Dating platform PlentyOfFish (POF) got the scoop in their 2018 Conversation Nation study, where they surveyed 2,000 singles across the U.S. Interestingly, 39 percent of those singles said they’re hesitant to start a conversation with someone they’re interested in because they don’t know what to say.

So what should people talk about on a date? *That’s* the question. Thirteen percent of those surveyed said they Googled conversation starters while on their date (23 percent of Gen Z versus five percent of Baby Boomers). Hopefully, their date was in the bathroom at the time and not sitting there waiting while the person looks for the best conversation starters. Talk about *awkward*!

And, as you can imagine, the better online chemistry you and a person have, the more potential the date has for working out. POF’s survey participants agreed — 83 percent thought that great app conversations can lead to better IRL ones.

As for what not to do, here are the conversation topics daters are tired of talking about in online dating messages.

Donald Trump
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It turns out, people aren't just arguing over politics on your social media feeds or at your family gatherings — it's happening on apps too. The number one topic that daters are tired of talking about in online conversations is Donald Trump.

But hey, being on the same page politically is a legit dealbreaker, so it makes sense to ask about a potential love interest's opinions on Trump early on.

Special Diets
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Aside from Trump-related stories filling your social media news feeds, you probably see people posting about going vegan or paleo, and as it turns out, that's happening on dating apps too. POF found that 20 percent of singles are tired of talking about specialty diets in their online dating messages.

Millennials Vs. Everyone Else
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These days, our generation is being overgeneralized in the news a lot — from our love of avocado toast to our debt related to FOMO. And POF’s survey revealed that 18 percent of singles are tired of talking about the “Millennials versus everyone else” issue. Fair point, right?

The Upcoming Royal Wedding
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Rounding out the top four topics that daters are tired of talking about online revolves around a royal issue: The Royal Wedding. Twelve percent of respondents felt this does not need to be discussed when sending online dating messages. But by talking about someone else’s wedding and relationship, you’re avoiding talking about your own, yes? Meaning, your relationship with yourself: What do you do on weekends? What are your passions and hobbies? What life experience changed you most, for better or worse?

As you can see from the above, singles from POF’s survey believe there are better things to talk about online than the aforementioned. So, when in doubt, get creative and think of open-ended questions that will lead to *really* getting to know the other person better. Happy messaging — anything but the above!