The Dark Army’s Terrorist Attack In ‘Mr. Robot’ May Bring A Fractured fsociety Back Together

Elliot loses time often in Mr. Robot, but he just learned that he's even more in the dark when it comes to the Dark Army's plan than he realized. Spoilers for Mr. Robot follow. In "," Mr. Robot helps Elliot stop phase two at the downtown recovery building, but the Dark Army blows up E Corp buildings around the country anyway. This massive attack will have major repercussions for the characters of Mr. Robot and it makes you wonder how much Mr. Robot, Angela, and Tyrell knew of Whiterose's master plan. And even though Angela seems like she only knew of Elliot's phase two and not this other major attack on E Corp buildings, will Elliot be able to forgive his betrayal? He just may need to if he's going to face what the Dark Army has planned next.

Whiterose and her Dark Army have continuously been multiple steps ahead of Elliot. But since Elliot is such a skilled hacker it takes until the destruction in "" for him to realize how beyond his control the situation is. Yet, it's difficult to know how much of the Dark Army's plan Elliot is aware of and how much he isn't. While it appears that Elliot is triumphant in reasoning with his more villainous side of Mr. Robot to stop the explosion at the New York City building, perhaps Mr. Robot concedes because he knows that the Dark Army had shifted its focus to destroying all the facilities that Elliot had rerouted the paperwork to.

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Although it doesn't seem wise to believe that Elliot truly reaches Mr. Robot's compassionate side, that may actually be the case since Irving misled both Tyrell and Angela, who were the ones working with Mr. Robot. Irving never informed Tyrell that Joanna had died, and he led Angela (whether directly or indirectly) to take the appropriate steps to presumably blow up the data center. Either the Dark Army changed its course of action when it discovered that Elliot was undermining phase two during his workdays at E Corp or perhaps Whiterose knew that Elliot would reroute the paperwork all along. But no matter how it went down, the Dark Army appears to have used Tyrell, Angela, and Elliot/Mr. Robot for a more heinous attack than any of them could have ever dreamed of.

Elliot and Darlene are understandably going to still be angry with Angela for manipulating Elliot's mental illness, but it might be in their best interests to join forces with her. Angela made it clear she didn't want anyone to get hurt and the news states that the death toll is expected to be in the thousands now because of this large-scale attack. That number is much higher than the causalities that would have occurred if the Dark Army had only blown up the one New York building. It's also safe to assume that the Dark Army will blame Elliot and Darlene's fsociety for these explosions, so these siblings and childhood friends are going to need each other to survive.

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These explosions most likely will also hit the reset button for Mr. Robot since the time travel theory is now more plausible than ever after "" The episode starts with young Angela watching the animated series version of Back To The Future and speaking with Mr. Alderson. She then reiterates to Elliot in the present what she insinuated in the Season 3 premiere — that her mom and Elliot's dad are going to be OK. Combine that with the fact that the screen continually glitches in "" and it could mean that Whiterose is resetting the timeline — and this process starts with the destruction of the E Corp buildings.

Although Whiterose is enigmatic as ever in this episode of Mr. Robot, there are potential clues about Phillip Price's intentions. In the opening scene at Angela's childhood home, Sakina Jaffrey's Antara Nayar speaks to Angela's parents about an anonymous benefactor who is contributing to help cure Angela's mom's illness. This news upsets Angela's father, so is it possible that Price was enamored by Angela's mom and was attempting to save her in the past? Is that why he made Angela his pet project in the present? If Price is emotionally invested, then Minister Zhi Zhang has even more of the upper hand on him. The alternative is that it's Zhang who is Angela's family's benefactor in the '90s since he revealed he was involved in the project at the Washington Township power plant in the Season 3 premiere. And an even crazier theory is that this flashback isn't as it seems and is part of Whiterose's possible time manipulation since the characters faces were glitching in that timeframe as well.

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There are plenty of unknowns as a result of "," but as Elliot says, the Dark Army corrupted Mr. Robot's plan for revolution. And if Mr. Robot was unaware of Whiterose's plan, then Elliot and his counterpart have a new shared enemy in the Dark Army. So Elliot will need to make amends with Mr. Robot, Darlene, Angela, and possibly even Tyrell (not to mention, FBI agent Dom would be a good person to have on their side) to figure out what Whiterose is really doing — and to see if her vision of the future is the one that's best for the rest of the world.